Morrissey Central "ONTARIO, CA" (November 11, 2022)


I think that's a screenshot from the movie "Blood in Blood out".

Shot mostly in East Los Angeles.
Yep. I remember watching that on VHS back in the 90's. Very violent prison flick. I seem to recall some guy gets a serrated edge knife/sword up his exhaust pipe. Nasty scene.
I was in attendance at the Ontario show. I've seen Morrissey live numerous times since 1992, and this show held its' own against any of them, IMHO. There seemed to be a fog malfunction where way too much was used, and I hadn't ever seen Morrissey sing with his coat draped over his head before. I heard after the fact things went sideways at the Greek, but I saw no hint of any issues at Ontario.

The venue's design is odd, as the upper rows go up at a harshly steep angle. This ostensibly allows for more rows in less space, but anyone who accidentally falls or (God forbid) is pushed forward would fall hard and far. Thankfully, all of us in the nosebleed section were singing along and drinking in common cause for the love of the man we came to see.

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