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Dec 10, 2018 at 7:03 AM
    1. Marco Gonzalez
      Marco Gonzalez
      Still got that skinhead girls shirt?
    2. keene
      keene looks like david t. is violating his own standards of Member Conduct.

      If you go down the page lower right hand corner and click on Terms of Service.....Go to Member Conduct.

      Look at number one....david t. is obviously violating his OWN standards of conduct by uploading and posting this article about pedophile links.

      He was wrong to do it by his OWN guidelines.
    3. EPbabe
      Hey, have you posted any links to your website or more art work that I might have missed? :) I'd love to see more of your drawings.
    4. EPbabe
      Hi, I replied to you on one of the threads (probably the one about Swords? can't remember), but you probably missed it. It wasn't that important, I just asked you about your sig pic. It's fantastic and I don't recall having seen it before. Where does it come from?
    5. So Far Away
      So Far Away
      Hi there saw your comment on the salford lads club photos about that girl in the photos on page 13 and thought i'd reccomend you go get yourself sectioned in an asylum :p that girl is mee and I look bloody awful in those photos!! Got so many evil looks walking around the posher areas of Manchester in my trampy state :p but yeah thought i'd say thanks for the compliment - cheered me up and gave me a much needed good laugh in my brain-dead exam ridden state - so thanks :)
    6. Practising Troublemaker
      Practising Troublemaker
      Good on you for telling that guy requesting the Ringleader b-sides what you thought of him. He is a cheap cunt.
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