Morrissey "mini-show" on Carson Daly - October 10


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so since these are sold out, it brings to the question: are these tix transferable? if so, if anyone cant go anyway, lemme know! ;)
They are, look at your ''eticket'' and on that page it has the transfer button and it will tell you what to do. I have an extra for this.


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Man, these tickets went by so quick...By the time I found out he was having this event...they were long gone....DAMN...


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Sold out
The tickets you requested are NOT available because the event is SOLD OUT. Check back, sometimes tickets become available due to cancellations.

Nevermind my previous post, I guess. Funny that it said a day or so ago that I had tickets. I go to print it out today and it's gone. Guess that's what I get for being excited.


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^^^ joey, I know what you mean. I belong to that dumb ilota and they do not even give you a warning about who will be playing!! But to everyone that has a ticket, enjoy the show!


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i checked back at 1iota this afternoon and tickets were available. my advice is to check the site daily.
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No, they usually do nto air the same night. And they usually tell you that night when you are there when it airs.

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you read my mind there! why not Conan?! first of all Conan is the coolest mothaf***er there is. secondly, i would think that there would be more of a chance of having Morrissey fans in Conan's demographic as opposed to Letterman or Carson. i mean, as someone pointed out earlier, who the f*** even watches that show???
I agree. Not only would we see Morrissey dwarfed in size next to Conan, but they could compare quiffs. :D


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has anyone else been able to get available tix for this lately?....


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has anyone else been able to get available tix for this lately?....
No...:( sold out....though I was tempted to decline someone's tickets on the email reminder they bitterness....:o okay that's bad what i just confessed....:( Dear God, Please Help Me! :(


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lol well that wouldnt have been very nice.

i remember for the kimmel tickets, though, they became available again for a day or something, im hoping this will happen soon when somebody cancels or declines their ticket...
no your right, and I am glad that I didn't. But if you knew what my heart-breaking plight has been with this person, you would understand my bitterness. Or maybe not. dunno. Sorry back on topic!

I hope you find some! :)

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