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  • haha, well i dunno, they are not a bad band, not bad at all.I may anger you some more, though i was hoping for Phil, I have to admit I was rooting for my old fave,David Duval.I had a chance to go this year, and despite the rain, I now wish I had!
    Hello! Sorry for late reply! I do play guitar (or at least am trying to learn to!) but that isn't me on the ult site. Sorry to disappoint!
    I think there's a load of fear mongering with the press and this flu, there are a fair few cases in the uk but they've all responded to treatment thus far.
    I do work with the public so yes i suppose we'd be right in the line of fire if there was a big outbreak. x
    They normally send you an invoice and a paypal link which you get a few days later.
    Swine flu? Nah...not as yet anyway and i'd certainly refuse to wear one of those masks.
    You stay safe too! x
    yeah, I don't even know how that happened, however! I am sure most of the cool points would come from having you and Charlie on the list.
    I like him too...Gervasis. I really don't know "too" much of his work but, what I've seen, he's funny.

    So, Eddie's b-day was Saturday, I hope he had a great one which, I'm sure he did. I hope he gets married soon. It's been quoted he wants children by 50. So, I wish him luck. I'm in the same boat as him but, I'm a straight 35 y/o woman. lol

    I saw part of the BAFTA's last night on BBC America but, I didn't see anything about him. Was he on there & if so, what part? lol

    What gigs are you going to? I have one next Saturday but, I hope to get out before then. We'll see (you know how one has to be boring/responsible b/c of work & I guess I'm just tired of it & want to party). lo.
    Yep, that's what people around here (places in my life) call me too. Or else, just E. lol

    What comedians do you like? I read recently that Eddie Izzard is doing arena gigs now in your country! Too bad I'm not there but, I'll actually will be there in August (flying to Wales).

    Thanks for the add too. Have a blast learning more about The Church & keep in touch, Elizabeth
    I never know whether to reply on my side of the fence or yours.
    Yeah Charlie Fairhead is taken from that BBC series you mentioned, nothing more too it and i'm really not sure why. The name just sprung to mind..bit worrying really ha.
    Hope life is treating you well.
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