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  • i know! i wish i could vom!! i should eat something. i'll feel better. i had some fruit when i woke up but it didnt help much.

    i went to this club, every few months or so they have this big goth event called "Dracula's Ball" and this year it just happened to fall on NYE. i dont really consider myself goth, but goths are super nice and i just like the overall atmosphere. hipster places are probably more my speed as far as music and stuff goes, but i tried hanging out with them and they just generally suck, very snobby. anyway, they played pretty good music. there were two floors. they played alot of 80s i said, they played "how soon is now." some stupid goth band played on the second floor, i didnt watch them though.

    thats so mean that you were on call! I'd throw a fit if i ever had to work on NYE. i did once, but I was a server at the time, and I drank during my shift, and then I got off work at like, 11, so it worked out pretty okay, haha.
    wow dude that DOES sound weird!! hahaha. why werent you drinking?? were you the DD? i love to dance, but ONLY after I'm drunk, then I have to bust a move.

    haha, interpol. thats funny, i got in a conversation with someone last night about interpol. a song by "she wants revenge" came on and i was like "this band sux, theyre a bad interpol ripoff." and ummm, joy division was brought up by someone after that, naturally....

    true story. in the middle of writing this to you I suddenly felt like I was gonna vomit (not cuz of you but cuz im hungover like whoa) so i got up and ran to the bathroom but then i didnt vomit. but then i realized i had to pee, so my trip to the bathroom was not in vain.
    it went well! had more fun than i thought. there was all this stupid dramz right before I left and I almost didnt go, but I did anyway. and I'm glad I did. I saw tons of people I knew. and my friend Michelle saved me from kissing an ugly dude at midnight. haha, she literally yanked me from him at 11:55!! beer goggles are a bitch!! oh and i got to dance to "how soon is now." so all in all. not bad!! :D

    what about you???
    good boy! always remember, theyre your EX for a reason! ;)

    my ex is retarded too. he texted me last week and asked where I was going on NYE. riiight, like I'm gonna tell you so you can show up with your g/f, dummy! :rolleyes: i didn't texted back. :cool:
    but its NYE!! you can't not go out on NYE! its a wednesday, but NYE is always like a friday!! aww, you can come with me, I need a date!!!
    sweeeet! and how many computers do you use, SEVEN??

    I'm gettin all sexified tomorrow night for NYE, maybe I could post a picture, then you can have a new one and save it to your seven computers.
    but then how else am i gonna be able to print out your pictures and paste my face over you friends so it looks like we hang out, and then arrange them all in a little collage and put them in a heart shaped frame AND HANG THEM OVER MY FIRE PLACE!!!!??? huh??? ANSWER ME THAT JOEY!! :mad:
    Will we see you in Chicago in April? Very considerate of Camp Moz to book a big city on the weekend, isn't it?

    I have a seat in my Mini for you between Chicago and Milwaukee, if your legs are flexible. Corrissey gets shotgun, she already called it. Sorry.
    "you think I'm funny? funny like a clown? am i here to amuse youuuu???"

    ahhhhh, why is everyone on FACEBOOK? i f***ing hate facebook. yes, I'm on it, but only cuz of pier pressure. do you have a myspace? haha. i've been on myspace before myspace was cool, and I will stay loyal!!
    i was gonna say, "joey you watch too much tv!" but i get all of your references, so i guess that means I do too!! :o:p
    joey, you should make it to a NYC show, so we can get drunk and make ou....err, i mean, hang out. :D:p
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