Rumor Morrissey is about to tour in Brazil according to José Norberto Flesh: October, 2023


(Pictured: São Paulo, 2018)

According to José Norberto Flesh, an influential cultural journalist from Brazil, Morrissey is coming to Brazilian land.

When JNF says an artist is going to gig in Brazil, the artist is really coming.

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More validity given via Jesse:


In October.
Rough translation:

Morrissey will perform in Brazil
British singer returns after five years; country is the sixth that most listened to the artist's songs, in 2022.

Morrissey will perform in Brazil in 2023. The singer, former lead singer of the British band The Smiths, returns to the country after five years. It arrives in October. Dates and locations will be defined.

Brazil is the sixth country that most listened to Morrissey's songs in 2022, according to the singer himself posted, prominently, on his official website . Only the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Australia heard more Morrissey than Brazil last year.

He has already come to Brazil a few times. In 2015, he had a successful tour. He returned in 2018. During the pandemic, he was releasing controversial statements, which created a certain rejection of his figure.

But it has an enviable history in music. The BBC cited him as "one of the most influential figures in British pop history". In a 2002 poll, the NME declared The Smiths to be "the most influential band of all time", ranking above the Beatles. Rolling Stone named him one of the greatest vocalists of all time and praised his "rejection of convention". .

Morrissey is touring Europe at the moment. In shows, he has included 4 to 5 Smiths songs in the repertoire.
According to a local music news outlet, Moz 2023 tour is probably coming to Brazil in October.

Well, I couldn't be more delighted. :)
Brazil, Bahrain, Egypt, Ukraine
So many people in pain
I was hoping he would do a short East Coast American tour but if he does a few UK dates in the summer and then Brasil in October, I doubt he'd do another winter US tour
This is great! I've seen a few concerts (on video) that took place in Brazil, and the crowd atmosphere (and just general size) was like in no other city I'd seen. He's right to wish to play there again.

We're headed in the right direction.
If Moz does not come to Argentina I am no longer his Fan! . LUJISSEY!!!¡:mad::tears::tears::tears::tears::tears:

In case he doesn't go to Argentina, come to see him in BR Lujissey. We're kind of next door neighbours, aren't we? ;)
Hello, we are close but it is expensive the salaries of health professionals are bad, there is a lot of difference between the value of the peso and the.dolar... I wish I could go, and hopefully Moz comes I look forward to it, thanks for answering. I'm happy if he goes to Brazil there they love him very much and you deserve to Moz!!Viva Lujissey y MOZ Fan!!!!:hearteyes::hearteyes::tonguewink::tonguewink:
Wonderful news! ❤️

That surely means he's coming to at least Chile and Argentina as well ❤️❤️

And there's time to save up some money lol
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