Dale Hibbert posts Decibelle Studio snippets on YouTube


"laughter" track from Suffer. So, this was the laughter track which ran over the ending of Suffer. I have no idea who the girl is. It wasnt Linder, it was a girl Stephen turned up with. She left after the part was recorded. Stick your headphones on, turn out the lights, and you will almost recreate the atmosphere in the studio. She asked for the control room and studio lights to be turned off, I'm guessing it was hard enough, without looking at a bunch of young men through the glass. Listening retrospectively, she did a bloody good job of it.

vocal track

This formed part of the original demo, the names of the missing children. It's one of a series of isolated vox from the decibelle demo.

Outro of "Suffer" recorded at decibelle studios, Manchester. I will slowly upload the Decibelle demo, isolated vox tracks and cassette recordings, subscribe to keep updated. For those interested, the piano was recorded in Bowden onto cassette, then mixed with a cassette Stephen had. He recorded it on a portable, outside a local primary school during play time. Its the noise of a Trafford school.
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