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New 'Dig!' article on 'Some Girls are Bigger Than Others' (June 27, 2022)

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New article (dated 27th June 2022) about Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others, published in 'Dig! (Warner Music's promotional magazine).
Not much in the way of actual new content, but a nice summing up for newer fans:

Johnny Marr joins Alicia Keys onstage for "This Charming Man" in Manchester (June 11, 2022)

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From AO Arena, Manchester.......did she forget the words or just start in late?

Bonhams: "Live In Session" - Property From The John Peel Archive catalogue available (Smiths items listed) Auction due June 14, 2022

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An update on the John Peel auction:
Catalogue listings of 200 lots now online - an interesting & eclectic mix of items.
A few Smiths bits worth mentioning too.

Their first tape to him (rather wonderful):

image (2).jpeg
image (1).jpeg

Est: £500 - £700

Peel's The Smiths: A 'Gold' Disc Award For The Album Hatful Of Hollow:

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Est: £400 - £600

The Smiths: An Autographed Copy Of The Single What Difference Does It Make?/Back To The Old House/These Things Take Time:

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[ATTACH type="full" alt="image...

The Smiths live at the Nottingham Royal Centre on 21st Oct 1986, playing "How Soon Is Now?" and "Still Ill" - Soundsville International / YouTube

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The Smiths live at the Nottingham Royal Centre on 21st Oct 1986, playing How Soon Is Now and Still Ill

Concert Filmed by Soundsville International. This is taken from my master Video8 tape.

Memories from the night

My Parents were in the process of moving to Lincoln in 86, and they were renting a flat while they looked for a house. It just so happened that they were away that week, and as Lincoln is not far from Nottingham, we decided to borrow their flat for the night. We drove up from London in our trusty VW Camper van in the afternoon. Picking up a pizza as we drove through Lincoln, we found the flat and had some tea (that's an evening meal for all you non Brits ... although we may have had a cup of tea with it).
Nottingham is about 40 miles from Lincoln. We didn't leave the flat until early evening, so time was quite tight as we entered the city. It has a ring road round the city centre, which wasn't easy to navigate. We could see the...

MusicRadar: "My Tele was on just about every track I did with The Smiths" – John Porter (April 29, 2022)

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"My Tele was on just about every track I did with The Smiths" – John Porter talks producing Johnny Marr on Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Brief article.

Related item:
Related off-site article:

Andy Rourke RC interview - April, 2022

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Text reproduction of his interview in "Record Collector presents: The Smiths" special (April 21, 2022).


It all began with a Neil Young badge pinned to his school blazer. In this brand new interview, Andy Rourke tells Lois Wilson about the call from an old mate that would change his life forever...

I met Johnny at school when I was 11. I was really into Neil Young at the time and he was wearing a Neil Young Tonight's The Night lapel badge. This was when everyone else seemed to be into Jethro Tull and heavy metal, so Neil Young was a conversation opener and pretty soon we were spending all our spare time together, either playing music or listening to music or talking about music. We formed a band together, Freak Party. It was me on bass, Johnny on guitar and funky Si Wolstenscroft on drums, and the music did get funky. The Clash's Sandinista! had just come out and we were jumping on that vibe. We rehearsed every night until kicking out time, we got stoned a...

Upcoming Record Collector Smiths special (release April 21, 2022)

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Apologies if this has been previously posted...

Record Collector Presents ... The Smiths

In this special bookazine on The Smiths, we celebrate the legendary Manchester band who, between their formation in 1982 and split in 1987, changed the face of “indie” music. We feature exclusive interviews with former members of the band, including a lengthy encounter with Johnny Marr, we re-review all the Smiths albums, there are features on their feted artwork, and articles on their fans and collectors, a notoriously hardcore breed.

Release date: 21 April
Pre-orders dispatched: 19 April

Most Popular Artists on Vinyl, According to Discogs - (The Smiths #8)

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Thought this was interesting:

Though music streaming platforms may have supplanted physical media as the go-to way to play your favorite songs, plenty of people are still actively expanding their well-curated vinyl record collections. In fact, vinyl actually outsold CDs for the first time in decades back in late 2019.

In short, vinyl records are still surprisingly popular—and according to a new study from UK financial comparison service, no one is more popular on vinyl than The Beatles. To come to that conclusion, the researchers crunched numbers from Discogs, an online music database and retailer where millions of users catalog and add to their own music collections across many formats. Each album’s page includes statistics showing how many Discogs users own it. So took a look at that data for 1.3 million vinyl records and then ranked artists based on their aggregate...

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