John Cho recounts meeting Morrissey at a Filipino gangster bar

Lol. That's well done.
I was thinking just this morning on how I should hang out more often at Filipino gangster bars.

I will now. Thank you, Mr. Cho.
Funny story, yet I have to confess thinking that it was Morrissey who "flopped" in this encounter, if it is accurately recounted by Cho. I am a big Morrissey fan but I would hate to be spoken to in such a way by anyone, famous or otherwise.
Perfect! and all the more relevant when you consider how many people now wear their T-shirts without any idea who they are! On sale previously in TopShop!
I met Morrissey and we chatted for about an hour. He was charm personified. I suppose you've just got to catch him on the right day. The right MINUTE, probably.

Stan (forgotten my f***ing login details).
Morrissey in a Filipino Gangster-Bar with a slap......boy, Clue has gotten a lot more complicated ;-)
The one and only time I met Morrissey was very similar to Mr. Cho's. I was with my best friend, and he tells Moz, "we started our first band in high school because of you", to which Morrissey replied "Oh yeah, where did that get you?". His comment was barbed, but funny, and I quickly laughed it off. I had a moment to say how empowering his music is to me, and how he made being awkward as a teenager feel OK, because I wasn't alone. By the end, he seemed genuinely touched by what I'd said and was very sweet. I got a hug, a hand shake, and before I knew it, he was off into the Los Angeles night.

Moz living up to his image . Like how Cho works it into a positve moment ! Nice little story, thanks for posting David T.

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