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  • I seem to remember you were from Japan ( maybe I am wrong ) , if I'm not do you know if Morrissey :25 is play at any cinemas in Japan , I will be there when the film is launched
    Mel lapsed into a diabetic coma on Easter Sunday and died two years ago. (That would be from a LACK of sugar, on Easter, ironically — the only way she ever did anything.) Her body wasn't discovered for a week until we obsessive Moz fans pestered her family into checking on her. She was found, essentially, trying to crawl to her telephone. Very few people know who and what we really lost that day. (She'd want the details kept private, so please do, as I know you would anyway.)
    If I click on View Conversation, it's in context. If people visit my page, it may be out of context for them, but it's none of their bloody business, right? ;)

    Thanks for the gif... to think that it's not even White Day yet!!! :eek:
    Oops, sorry. If my reply was on your board would it become out of context, or are they linked? I rarely use the non forum-functions on Moz-solo.
    Thank you! Did you know that in Japan women give cards and chocolates to men today? Then one month later men reciprocate on what's called "white day".

    Thanks for the add - will no doubt be splitting musical hairs in tandem again soon!

    Hi there.
    Having relaxing holiday at home?
    Finally spring has come to London. :)
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