Victoria Wood Mentions Meeting Morrissey At Gig - BBC Radio 2 Interview

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    Dec 6, 2008

    Victoria Wood interviewed by Graham Norton.


    Not sure whether the BBC link will work outside the UK.

    At 11:05 she mentions the documentary on tea which is currently in production, but does not comment on Morrissey being interviewed by her, which has previously been reported.

    At 13:55 she recalls attending a Morrissey concert where he seemed to reference some of her early work between songs, then asks him about it back stage, where Morrissey confirms he was referencing her work (she doesn't say whether this was Rusholme Ruffians /Fourteen Again).

    Anyone have an idea which gig this may have been?

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    1. Anonymous
      One day I will put together a list of the many many cribs Morrissey has used from her work most notably around 1985 and 1986 when her seminal As Seen On TV was broadcast. She influenced the "not natüral normal or kind" and "'ten ton truck'" and "'I never even knew what drugs were"' as well as many more. Little snippets that added to the depth and flavour of his work.
    2. Anonymous
      "Just meet me in the alley by the railway station" is pure Victoria Wood...
    3. Carra
      She says "between songs" not in the lyrics.
    4. Anonymous
      Victoria probably attended a Morrissey concert in October whilst in New York. The quotes were made during Speedway. Read more on the mesmerizing blog thing

    5. celibate

      Morrissey borrowed it from Elisabeth Smart's novel, ' by Grand central station I sat down and wept'

      [about the Smiths song with Morrissey's lyrics ; I want the one I can't have'

      ' just meet me in the alley of the railwaystation, it's all over my face'

      but who the **** is Victoria Wood
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      Thanks for the above clues. Seems like it was the 12th October New York Terminal 5 gig, with part of a line from 'Northeners' by Victoria Wood quoted in the middle of Speedway - "Fog, smog Sitting on the bog Cobbles in the morning mist Park Drive Dead at forty-five From a back street abortionist".

      At 2:19
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    7. joe frady
      joe frady
      Excellent work MORRIZSEY :thumb:

      Curiosity quenched. These things some :)
    8. Anonymous
      Oh happy days I caught you on the cobbles outside the Grants in Rammy ! Remember ?
      That folly
      Was jolly
      Bend me over backwards
      On me hostess 'troll'ey

      we'll let you know
      (the reall)
    9. Anonymous
      Funny enough, the last time I saw Morrissey, I'd spent half an hour that morning on the bench at the cobbles outside the Grants Hotel in Ramsbottom.
    10. DavidA
    11. Uncleskinny
      There's also Funny How Things Turn Out, which, if I remember was plundered for Rusholme Ruffians ("My faith in myself is still devout") and Frankly Mr Shankly ("Singing Lerner and Loewe to the mentally ill") - I'll upload it when I find it.

      Edit - here it is...

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    12. Anonymous
      I hope you put some fairy in the urn fountain

      we'll let you know
      (the reall)
    13. Kewpie

      I wonder when the programme about tea will be on air?
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    15. Kewpie
    16. Anonymous
      No I didn't, but I did take a photo of the dog with the urn in the background.
    17. Anonymous
      Moz appears in episode 2
      The comedienne concludes her two-part history of tea closer to home, with visits to Woburn Abbey, Blackpool and Harrogate. Along the way, she enjoys a cuppa or two with fellow comic Graham Norton and Doctor Who star Matt Smith, and also pops across the Atlantic to New York - home of the teabag - where singer Morrissey is putting the kettle on.
    18. Bluebirds
      Some more quality prime-time TV fare from the BBC, just what I've always wanted to watch Victoria Wood talking to non-entities like Graham Norton and that pr1ck who plays Dr Who about cups of tea.

      Although this may be of interest to you to the country at large its just another excuse for the BBC to laugh in their viewers' faces.
    19. Anonymous
      I love the fact that the Beeb puts our money into shows like this. I didn't realise how much of an influence Victoria has been to Moz and seeing as I'm a big fan of them both....I can't wait. Best of British! As for the tea, make mine a redbush & honey (not a tea's 75p per box from Asda).

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