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  • K looks like david t. is violating his own standards of Member Conduct.

    If you go down the page lower right hand corner and click on Terms of Service.....Go to Member Conduct.

    Look at number one....david t. is obviously violating his OWN standards of conduct by uploading and posting this article about pedophile links.

    He was wrong to do it by his OWN guidelines.
    Oh wow, very good luck to you.

    I've been on a perpetual spring break since November. They kicked me out for nonpayment hahaha. But if I were at school, I would actually be on spring break, yes. :p
    I didn't get your last response because you posted it here! I just came on here to tell you that "You're exit 155? I'm exit 117!" but I realized now we've discussed this.

    In response to your comment from months ago, I no longer go to Rutgers, but I was a Sophomore on the New Brunswick campus. I lived on Douglass.

    anyway, how are you? :)
    Rutgers in New Brunswick? So does my nephew, Michael Kornytchuk. He is in his 3rd year. Double major. Wonderful school.
    lol. I'm from's in Monmouth County by Holmdel and Hazlet and such.

    But right now I go to Rutgers in New Brunswick :thumb:
    Ah, seems people who aren't in the NJ/NY area can't seem to grasp how wonderful pork roll really is.

    Where abouts are you from?
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