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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Dec 27, 2018.

    1. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      Had no idea about the proposed Bowie duet for ROTT. What a missed opportunity.
    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      From TTY, Jan., 2014:
      (in a Morrissey response to a TTY Q&A).
      "Who inspired you to sing?
      KARICACSARY, Fontana.

      Bobby Hatfield. He was the smaller of the two Righteous Brothers, and his falsetto swoop made me jump backwards over the settee. You should You Tube their You've lost that lovin' feelin', and you'll see what I mean. When I made the record Ringleader of the tormentors, the producer (Tony Visconti), who is a very close friend of David Bowie, tried to get both Bowie and I together to do our version of You've lost that lovin' feelin', with David doing the deep Bill Medley parts, and me doing the Bobby Hatfield shrieks. I loved this idea, but David wouldn't budge. I know I've criticized David in the past, but it's all been snotnosed junior high ribbing on my part. I think he knows that."

      (This was the source of that song information that was then passed around by the press as Morrissey wanting to end his 'feud' with Bowie).
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    3. NealCassidy
      Of course Bowie was featured in pre show videos this year
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    4. Anonymous
      I thought Linder said that he was really depressed, popping anti-depressants because he really wanted to do it, but ultimately it was too much pressure. Anyone have that quote?
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    5. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Not written, it was via this:
      (at the 4:38 mark).

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    6. Anonymous
      Few were surprised when Morrissey soon pulled out of the tour (citing "illness"), but accusations that Morrissey found the experience of supporting Bowie too humiliating were cruelly wide of the mark.

      "He was very ill with depression," says Jo Slee. "He wasn't really fit to go on the road, although I didn't know how ill he was until he really began to come apart at the seams."

      Jo won't say what Mozzer was depressed about.

      "I really couldn't say," she insists. "Morrissey's suffered from depression all his life, more than anyone else I know. It's about repressed feelings, repressed emotions, repressed pain. It needs treatment. He was taking anti-depressants at the time because he was desperate to get out on the road, he really wanted to do the dates. But it was just too much for him."
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    7. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
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    8. Anonymous
      I think that it is amazing that Morrissey has paid tribute to Pete Shelley (from the group the "Buzzcocks") in spite of his McDonald's campaign, Pete implying that Morrissey was a racist and Pete Shelley's association with people like Mike Joyce, Tim Burgess (from the band "The Charlatans") and Peter Hook.

      Morrissey is clearly the better man! Morrissey is prepared to let bygones be bygones. Morrissey is such a loving and forgiving person.

      Pete Shelley was living in the Estonian capital Tallinn with his Estonian wife Greta before he died. Pete Shelley was open about his bisexuality. Pete Shelley was first married to a lady in 1991 and divorced in 2002. His son was born in 1993. Pete Shelley moved to Tallinn, Estonia, in 2012 with his second wife, Greta, an Estonian, preferring the less hectic pace there to life in London, England where he has been living previously. Pete Shelley died in Tallinn, Estonia of a suspected heart attack on the morning of 6th December 2018 at the age of 63. Pete Shelley formed the "Buzzcocks" with Howard Devoto in 1976. It is a sad loss for his family, friends and fans.
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    9. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      Now I remember! Thank you FWD! A gem as always!
    10. Surface
    11. vegan cro spirit 222
      vegan cro spirit 222

      YES MOZ IS VERY GOOD PERSON....he forgives all the twats that have given him grief.:rock:
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    12. Anonymous
      Thank you for this info: "If anyone’s interested, Pete Shelley was buried in Estonia on Thursday 13th December 2018 with his family and close friends in attendance."

      Was he buried in the Estonian capital Tallinn? Pete Shelley moved to Tallinn, Estonia, in 2012 with his second wife, Greta, an Estonian, preferring the less hectic pace there to life in London, England where he had been living previously. Pete Shelley died on Thursday 6th December 2018 at the age of 63.

      Pete Shelley (born Peter Campbell McNeish; 17th April 1955 – 6th December 2018). Pete Shelley was born to Margaret and John McNeish at 48 Milton Street, in Leigh, Lancashire. His mother was an ex-mill worker in the town and his father was a fitter at Astley Green Colliery. He had a younger brother, Gary.

      One of the most famous songs from the "Buzzcocks" is "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)". They also did "What Do I Get?". Morrissey covered the Pete Shelley composed Buzzcocks song, "You Say You Don't Love Me".
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    13. vegan cro spirit 222
      vegan cro spirit 222
      Never heard of him.:paranoid:
    14. Broken Coat
      Broken Coat
      They say you can't take it with you but Pete Shelley took his feud with Morrissey to the grave due to his sudden departure. Morrissey has now laid the feud to rest with this loving remembrance and has closed the chapter on one of the most bizarre feuds in rock history.
    15. Anonymous
      Sam has a very odd way of writing.
      Retarded In fact
    16. Zoinks
      Thanks for posting the fascinating article - it's been a long time since I read it. Love the information on Morrissey's relationships with people and the court case.
    17. manicboy
      Bowie and Shelley aside (he bad-mouthed both but only recognized Shelley's death), I think Moz had a man-crush on Burt. Reynolds that is! Just look at the shirt-less wonder pic he selected. Should've went further and posted the bearskin rug photo but his animal-rights got the best of his sexual fantasy!
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    18. Raskolnikov
      You can discuss the whys and wherefores of previous omissions, but I can’t see what’s not to like in this tribute to the year passed. GG Moz.
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    19. Aubrey McFate
      Aubrey McFate
      How tall was Pete Shelley? He looks like a midget in that picture. I think he must've been pretty short, because he looks short in this group picture from the same shoot:


      Although, to be fair to the man, he is posed a step or two back from his fellow band members. Nevertheless. I don't know; he just looks pretty short. Nothing against shortness. Roman Polanski was short (presumably still is) and he was a great director. The Buzzocks were no The Smiths, of course. Morrissey was right to criticize Pete Shelley for licensing a song to a McDonald's ad. I liked it in Autobiography when he noted the death of Neil Aspinall: "well, that's what you get for being so nasty."

    20. Surface
      5 ft 4 inches
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