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    Dec 7, 2000
    Birmingham, U.K.
    With great relief, some pride and joy, I express my sincere thanks to you for our recent UK/Mexico tour - which, impossibly, perhaps, seemed like our best yet. I felt mesmerized by the audience at Alexandra Palace, and overwhelmed by the audiences at Birmingham and Glasgow. That compressed image, to the very last glimpse, is in the mind forever. It’s a joy that even happiness might become confused by. So, thank you - in the most plain language, for your support and loyalty, both of which could never be questioned.

    I am sorry that our art-hounds at The Independent and The Guardian were so hateful about the tour, but as we now know, hatred is their income. They do not care and they have no taste. Rather than suffer the ordeal of insanity, I would suggest that you never again buy or log onto these ‘hoax news’ outlets: they will die quickly without you.

    Enormous thanks to Radio 2 for adding Jacky’s only happy when she’s up on the stage to their playlist this week! This is as our My love, I’d do anything for you single spends its second week at number 1 in the UK vinyl chart. We are immensely proud.

    It’s difficult to pull the best from the greatest, but our recent dates were most stylishly celebratory at:

    1.LONDON Palladium (10 March)

    2.MEXICO CITY (17 March)

    3.LONDON Alexandra Palace (9 March)

    4.GLASGOW SSE Hydro Arena (17 Feb)

    5.NEWCASTLE Metro Arena (23 Feb)

    6.LEEDS First Direct Arena (24 Feb)

    7.BIRMINGHAM Genting Arena (27 Feb)

    8.LONDON Brixton Academy (1 March)

    9.ABERDEEN GE Arena (16 Feb)

    10.LONDON Royal Albert Hall (7 March)

    11.BRIGHTON Center (3 March)

    12.DUBLIN 3arena (20 Feb)

    Thanks to all venues for being 100% vegan: it’s great to eat and to save lives at the same time. Meanwhile, The Great Conor McGregor’s new TV commercial for Burger King looks like something out of the last century - marooned in the past.

    We plan a release for our Back on the chain gang single for August - if the wind remains at our backs and in our sails. If you find yourself at a loose end until then, please read Douglas Murray’s The strange death of Europe.

    I believe the unquestionably qualified writer J Rogan is researching yet another book of Morrissey Gossip. He simply hasn’t made enough money from the Smiths/Morrissey; he hasn’t yet extracted enough blood; he hasn’t yet caused enough propulsive sorrow; he hasn’t yet wafted a dead body downriver; he hasn’t yet been congratulated for his inexhaustibly mundane enterprise of gossip; he cannot write and move on, and should you bear a barbaric grudge he shall shortly ring your doorbell in the name of thumbscrew research.

    For me, now, life is enough, and your support elevates me all over again. I can only continue expressing my thanks to you for all that you do, and I brim with pride to think that we’re all still here.

    Incontestably yours


    9 April 2018.


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    1. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      I was merely stating a fact and correcting your mistaken assumption
    2. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      I’m sure lots of people wish your mother had made use of that program
    3. Anonymous
      Just now when you made it up on the basis of nothing.
    4. Anonymous
      I'm all good Surface thanks. Looking forward to seeing James at King George's Hall in May.
      I'm off to Barcelona for a couple of days this week for my 50th
      Best wishes to you and yours :thumb:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
    5. Surface
      Great venue that, seen loads of bands there over the years.
    6. vegan.cro spirit #67
      vegan.cro spirit #67
      LOL Surface...or is it Benny..... that was funny...."Im good":rofl:
      I had written in my diagnosis of your phenomena 'mother issues", and here we have it.
      Deep seated neuroses about your place in society: 'abortion clinic'. Classic, add to that
      the recent comment about the impending weekend end of the world and I think we
      can pretty much call bingo on this one.
      What medication are you taking?:constructionworker:
    7. vegan.cro spirit #67
      vegan.cro spirit #67

      Your delusions of grandeur are morphing
      into a solid Allah complex.:crazy:
    8. Anonymous
      Dear Moderator(s)/Administrator(s.)

      There are a number of posts in THIS thread - and others - completely OFF-TOPIC.

      Why don't Moderator(s) DELETE such posts instead of - on occassion - adding fuel to the fire ?

      I Assume that there are some "rules" here (-sic) about posts that are "off-topic" and that you would/could/should delete these posts ?

      And if not, now that it is 2018, can you present some rules for posts that are "off-topic" and then
      delete such posts, forever?

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      The medication I’m taking is called your Mommas coochie it got me all fucked up. I told her to abort your ass, lol.
      You must have mines confused for yours, just because you grew up with out a daddy. If you got daddy issues you can call me dad after I’m shacked up with your mom, now son, go get your pops a beer.
    11. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      You better hurry up and get your sash on, it’s time to go out walking with the rest of the dinosaurs
    12. Anonymous
      Did you know becoming a legimate, respected, knowledgeable DOCTOR isn’t easy? Or conducive for long convos that happen every hour? Shall I just half ass it and not develop analytical skills or the knowledge to treat patients effectively when I do get more into my preventative medicine role? That’s called malpractice. You want me to prescribe the wrong vitamins, exercise prescription, medications, etc. to your grandma, parents, children?
    13. vegan.cro spirit #13
      vegan.cro spirit #13
      Its all about mommy and daddy. Once I diagnosed it popped up to the 'surface'.
      Its all in the open, your childhood issues.Tell us now, do you often dream
      that Moz is your daddy? Do you feel betrayed because he refuses to go along
      with your incoherent ramblings?
      I take it you enjoy being spanked?:crazy:
    14. Peppermint
      Happy birthday, Benny, have a good one. :birthdaycake::partypooper::bouquet::gift::spain:
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      Your just Mad because daddy won’t let you have new Morrissey album, he went let you have it because it’s for your own good, father knows best and I do know what’s best for you son.
      Yes and it’s time to walk you but first things first I’m gonna have to put you on your child leash and helmet, last thing I need for you to do is run off and hit your head. Took a picture of you at the park having fun.
    17. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart is so-old .com
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    18. Anonymous
      Muchas gracias, menta. Estoy deseando que llegue.

      Benny-el-Carnicero-Británico :greatbritain::knife:
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    19. vegan.cro spirit #4
      vegan.cro spirit #4
      Disturbing development....
      Plainly, your subconscious is crying out for help.
      I was expecting this type of photo, visual symbolism
      of your many repressions, racist or otherwise.
      Here we see the id, wanting to break free from the ego so as
      to hurl racial epithets
      at mexicans and black, at Moz, lashing out
      at humanity in general.:crazy:
      I suggest tripling the meds.:straightface:
    20. evennow
      A brief intermission that might prove useful in this regard:

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