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    Dec 7, 2000
    Birmingham, U.K.
    With great relief, some pride and joy, I express my sincere thanks to you for our recent UK/Mexico tour - which, impossibly, perhaps, seemed like our best yet. I felt mesmerized by the audience at Alexandra Palace, and overwhelmed by the audiences at Birmingham and Glasgow. That compressed image, to the very last glimpse, is in the mind forever. It’s a joy that even happiness might become confused by. So, thank you - in the most plain language, for your support and loyalty, both of which could never be questioned.

    I am sorry that our art-hounds at The Independent and The Guardian were so hateful about the tour, but as we now know, hatred is their income. They do not care and they have no taste. Rather than suffer the ordeal of insanity, I would suggest that you never again buy or log onto these ‘hoax news’ outlets: they will die quickly without you.

    Enormous thanks to Radio 2 for adding Jacky’s only happy when she’s up on the stage to their playlist this week! This is as our My love, I’d do anything for you single spends its second week at number 1 in the UK vinyl chart. We are immensely proud.

    It’s difficult to pull the best from the greatest, but our recent dates were most stylishly celebratory at:

    1.LONDON Palladium (10 March)

    2.MEXICO CITY (17 March)

    3.LONDON Alexandra Palace (9 March)

    4.GLASGOW SSE Hydro Arena (17 Feb)

    5.NEWCASTLE Metro Arena (23 Feb)

    6.LEEDS First Direct Arena (24 Feb)

    7.BIRMINGHAM Genting Arena (27 Feb)

    8.LONDON Brixton Academy (1 March)

    9.ABERDEEN GE Arena (16 Feb)

    10.LONDON Royal Albert Hall (7 March)

    11.BRIGHTON Center (3 March)

    12.DUBLIN 3arena (20 Feb)

    Thanks to all venues for being 100% vegan: it’s great to eat and to save lives at the same time. Meanwhile, The Great Conor McGregor’s new TV commercial for Burger King looks like something out of the last century - marooned in the past.

    We plan a release for our Back on the chain gang single for August - if the wind remains at our backs and in our sails. If you find yourself at a loose end until then, please read Douglas Murray’s The strange death of Europe.

    I believe the unquestionably qualified writer J Rogan is researching yet another book of Morrissey Gossip. He simply hasn’t made enough money from the Smiths/Morrissey; he hasn’t yet extracted enough blood; he hasn’t yet caused enough propulsive sorrow; he hasn’t yet wafted a dead body downriver; he hasn’t yet been congratulated for his inexhaustibly mundane enterprise of gossip; he cannot write and move on, and should you bear a barbaric grudge he shall shortly ring your doorbell in the name of thumbscrew research.

    For me, now, life is enough, and your support elevates me all over again. I can only continue expressing my thanks to you for all that you do, and I brim with pride to think that we’re all still here.

    Incontestably yours


    9 April 2018.


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    1. Anonymous
      Just a reminder. If you insist on being a liar, at least have the decency not to be posting on social media about it. You’re playing yourself. It’s tacky as shit. Do better. Just be fucking honest with people, because guaranteed they already don’t believe your lying ass. Honestly, my goal in life is just to be a very warm person. I want to be as loving and as kind as I can be.
    2. Anonymous

      Especially the part about that little weazel TRYING to write (again.) Shamefull.

    3. Anonymous
      Instead of religious beliefs let's just scale it all down to chance. A lottery !
      We could all have been born absolutely anywhere on this globe, it's that simple.
      Some are lucky others aren't so lucky, I like to think how lucky I am when I'm just tucked up nice and cosy in my bed at night with a roof over my head.
      We are all Brothers and Sisters with different sexual preferences at the end of the day and that's all there is to it. Nothing more and nothing less, it's just life, you only get one so let's just live it for 4ks sake. There is absolutely no need for all this " My God is better than your God shit ",
      It's time to just realise that we are all Brothers and Sisters.
      Yes ! Even KetchupBum is my Sister Arrgggghhhhh ! :sweet:

      Wherever you are, whoever you are, have a good weekend :thumb:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    4. Anonymous
      I used to like Jimmy Saville along with many many others. He used to pass my house once a year taking disabled children to Blackpool for a day out in a convoy of taxi drivers from Manchester.
      I would now like to dig that 4ck'r up and shit on his remains.
      And your point was ? :handpointup:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    5. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      Lay off the weed and eccies benny, this just doesn’t sound like you at all
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    6. URBANUS
      Pass me the bong!

    7. Anonymous
      I never said ! I never said ! That you was my Brother though did I ! :cool:
      We adopted you ! That's all there is to it.
      Sorry ! :laughing: You are the one Exception.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    8. countthree
      The name is a contradiction. They should call themselves show hate the red card and they would widen their scoop.
    9. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      I got the name wrong, they’re called nil by mouth, just in case you want to read up on them and why they started doing what they do
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    10. Anonymous
      Yet still you are utterly and totally obsessed with everything he does and says. It really cannot be healthy for you. Have you tried gardening?
    11. vegan.cro spirit #451
      vegan.cro spirit #451
      For those just arriving at the match Benny=Skinny.
      If you don't know that by now
      you need to solicit new

      US, UK and France launch attack on Assad regime

      'Benny left off France and the Uk from
      this weekends end of the world apocalypse. lol:laughing:
    12. URBANUS
      World War 3 at last and most people deserve it for being so stupid.

      This broadcast is the most entertaining I have ever seen:

    13. Anonymous
      How did it become a liberal idea that you have to love Islam or it’s racist.

      1- islam is a code written in a book not a race

      2- any other idealogy is fine to dislike

      3- Islam is mostly against many modern liberal progressive stances.
    14. Anonymous
      You just equated being a Catholic with being a Republican, as if they go hand in hand.

      Nil By Mouth believe it was a sectarian murder, not racist. Other organisations might have a different view, but NBM aren’t one of them.
    15. Anonymous
      It’s really hard for me to remember that there are people (so many people) that are pure judgmental cunts who don’t have deep thoughts, high goals, passion to get outside of their comfort zone and the desire to be open hearted, open minded, and live life with eyes wide open.

      The only thing we, as humans, as advanced beings, should be concerned about judging eachother for, is violence.

      I can’t even get to the bathroom without help! and it’s like five steps away!!
    16. Surface
      Bang on Benny, have ducked out of the site for a couple of weeks, until the keyboard racists finish their game of seeing who can appear to be the most ignorant when it comes to religion, race, what goes on in countries etc. Hope you’re well.
    17. gordyboy9
      page 24,how the fuck did this thread get to page 24,on a plus note looks like a decent day outside.
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    18. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      I didn’t equate being a catholic to being a republican, my point was in the view of the coward who carried out that murder being a Celtic fan means you’re Catholic and a republican and an IRA supporter, this is the thinking of many so called loyalists and orangemen in Scotland

      Nah I’m good but there is a program that could have helped you to bad it wasnt used by your mother she could have helped the world by making a quick trip to the abortion clinic.
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    20. Anonymous
      So you object to the killer's assumptions about his victim, but are happy to make assumptions about other folk?

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