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  • Great to hear that you are well. And a word like 'rather' is definitely Morrissey fans 'speak'...:)

    Hmm, kids grow up too quickly these days. But i am not a sure a sweary word would upset these urchins. They look like they've escaped from the Borstal.....:)
    Yay!!! How are you doing hun? How is life treating you?

    This computer is pretty slow but i can't swear because there's impressionable people around..:)

    How is life?
    yeah, the last time i wore it was before Christmas...with a black waist coat :D

    but my young friend i must go to sleep.

    nite x
    Hi there :)

    You are so lucky to be going to so many shows. Which Manchester show are you going to, his birthday or the day after. The birthday show will be amazing. I’d love to see him live in Manchester but I can’t this time due to work commitments. I’ve never actually spent a lot of time in Manchester. I’d love to do the whole Smiths tour thing. Maybe next time.

    I’ve got my Dundee tickets and I’m considering trying to get a day of work and get tickets for one of the Glasgow shows.

    Hope to see you at one of the shows. :)
    Well did you delete your message box? I can't believe you don't have room for my nonesense, er...sorry profound sentiments. I trust you have fixed this?

    It was massive as well. My heart sank when i got the news that you had rejected me..:)

    How are you my dear? I hope life is treating you well? You lucky "seeing Morrissey 7 times" thing you..:)

    I hope you are well?

    Love, Ally..xxxx
    hey little one i have no power in my phone but i have tried to text you so hope that you get it , wont be through today but have an amzing compromise . are you going to see franz on the 14th ?
    Honey, you'll have to delete some of your PM's i tried to send you one today.

    take care hun.

    Lots of love, Alasdair...xxx
    we are the outsiders here:p..havent heard the album yet oh and lottie as well...;)will you resist the temptation til the 16th of feb?:D
    ah , i am sorry for that then , even though i missed them LOL

    works been good but i am kinda tired all week this is my latest night this week , im up at 5 every morning ...

    dont worry about your future ... in the future all is well (cheezy)
    Happy New Year Lucy..:)

    I will reply to your PM tomorrow when i have more time.

    I hope you had a good time over the holiday period and got lots of nice presents?

    All the best for 2009 hun. Speak soon.

    Yours, Ally...xxxxxx
    You do, damn! I couldn't remember whether you had it or not, sorry :( Send it back if you like and I'll get you something else.

    I've got Row X seat 190 for RAH.
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