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  • I posted your Christmas present, but I posted Jenny's separate as it's cheaper! So, don't open a package that comes from me and tell Jenny to do the same!:D
    hey hun. I got some accommodation today in Haddington so i am pleased about that..:)

    I go tonight. I hope your day is going well?

    That's some good news...:)
    What a bastard. I thought they were responsible for the security of the people AT the concert too. Though i may have dreamt that one..:)

    Enjoy tomorrow my dear..:)

    I will try to have a nice day..:)

    Nighty Night...xxx
    They were a nightmare at Edinburgh. It didn't ruin the gig or anything but i really hate those guys. But the bruises were worth it..:)

    Well, we are our own worst critics, so we need wee reminders at times that we're more competent than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.
    It's a pain, but i will bare it all with my usual dignity...:)

    Well then, remember that the next time you're tempted to panic..:)

    The security are bastards. I try to avoid even acknowledging they are there. It was SOOOO excited..:)
    Just bad timing on the Universes part - nothing to do with me..lol!

    2 passes out of 2 so far. It's looking good.

    The Security weren't that bothered to be honest. I am quite tall so found it quite easy. When i walked off stage after the hug i was bouncing up and down and one of the stage guys had to tell me to stop jumping up and down in case i banged my head off the rigging...:)

    Embarrassing...But worth it..:)
    Well, you'll have to tell me all about it. But if the new album is great then i'll be really pissed off. what a time to be potentially homeless....:)

    Good. It makes sense and i think you will do well.

    It was at the Barrowlands in Glasgow. It was really great. I just HAD to do it..:)
    ..:) I just need to be brave and not cry about missing him. When he finds out i am not there he may just cancel the tour...lol!

    Good. Have you been revising? I hope so. don't make me come over there..:)

    I just rushed the stage in glasgow got to the speakers and he lifted me up with both hands and lifted me over and i felt this tremendous spark. it was unmistakable.
    I got an amazing hug from him in 1995 that will last me a lifetime..:)

    Do you think you will do well? You seem a bit calmer about this one.

    It is a shame. But i have even higher priorities that Moz these days. What am i saying?..:)
    Well, if nothing really crap happens, then that's not a bad day..:)

    What kind of test is it? Now that we have established what NABS are...lol!

    I have to keep my pennies for deposits and stuff, so i will miss the old crooner this year..:(
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