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  • It's Haddington my dear...:) Nice to see you were concentrating...lol!

    It's in East Lothian and it's murder trying to get a bus! I was standing for 40 minutes today in the freezing cold and i wasn't happy. The wind was blowing up my trouser legs and it was thoroughly unpleasant! And then three neds came along and were F-ing and blinding but fortunately the a bus came and took them away. I was ready for murder..:)

    I hope you are well my dear and enjoying your day off?

    Love, Ally..xxx
    Well, you'll know for the next time. Your sarcasm is something i admire about you..:)

    Bunch of eletist snobs anyway. You're too good for these ingrates...:)

    You're a concert whore these days. Have you booked a B+B?
    The joke wasn't the best but you could have been a bit more delicate...:)

    Are you staying down in Oxford for a few days? Are you checking out the university and stuff?
    Good to hear you are well. And a day off is NEVER a bad thing...:)

    It's not so bad, they are down to two now, so the scianide must be working...:) Not how you spell it but it shouldn't prevent you from making the joke...:)
    Oh well, it was great you had such a great night. Have you read any reviews or anything?

    I have three snivelling kids huddled around a computer sniffing and breathing in a very annoying fashion. I could lose the plot here..:)

    I am doing fine honey apart from the urchins. How are you hun?
    Oh well. Enjoy your bagel and i hope every bite is riddled with guilt..lol!

    Say hello to Virtie for me..

    Enjoy yourself you selfish little madam....(I'll stop now..)

    Enjoy oxford and let me know how you get on and i'd like a review of the gig.

    Take care, Ally..xxx

    P.S. I sent this to my own page. And i thought those days were over..lol!
    Hey you. I got an entra 50 minutes...:)

    I hope you have a great night tonight. It should be a great occasion..:)

    I am doing okay, have a cold, but otherwise soldiering on..:)

    When are you for the off? Are you deserting me AGAIN!!!..:)
    Sometimes you don't know if anyone has booked the computer until you log off..:)

    How is life treating you? Are you well? Still sticking in at college?

    I hope so. Are you still happy (ish) and getting along fine?

    Drop me a line when you can.

    Lots of love, Ally..xxxxx
    Ha Ha, i blagged an extra 55 minutes. I knew today was going to be good..:)

    There's no pressure to hang around though, i won't cry if you go away..:)
    I will pretend i never read that first sentence..:)

    I need to go at four because it just logs you out, which is pretty shocking. But that's restricted access for you.

    Okay hun take care and we will speak soon.

    Lots of love, Ally...xxxx
    It's true. It's too much too young these days. Trouble is, if too many kids are accessing porn on the net it'll give the powers-that-be an excuse to sensor the net, which will be nad new for us reasponsible perverts.....:) They are wee guys and there's no make-up, though in Haddington anything is possible...:)

    Have you had any more tests hun?
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