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Jan 26, 2012
Aug 30, 2006
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September 3

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New Member, from Barcelona

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Jan 26, 2012
    1. karriemoz
      So you were born in 1978 then?! Wow! I figured you to be older than me but not only a yr older! Good to hear from ya! Best wishes x Karrie
    2. karriemoz
      Happy birthday fellow Virgo!!! Mine was yesterday and I can't believe I am now 30! Ahhh! Hope you have a good one! X Karrie
    3. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Marta! How are you? Are you studying or working in ireland? What part are you in? My Mom is from Donegal and my Grandfather was from Galway. I went there back in 1996 and want to go again very badly! I hope you are enjoying your time there! things here are so hectic. I have one week of teaching left before the school year ends. I can't wait! I hope you had a nice weekend! - Love, Laura : )
    4. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Marta!
      How have you been since the Manchester gigs? It was so nice to meet you and share the Morrissey show on the 23rd! Anything new in Spain? I hope you have been well! Take care! - Love, Laura : )
    5. shawnxvx
      congrats marta! champions!
    6. karriemoz
      I was wondering what happened to you :)
    7. karriemoz
      hi! just wanted to say Thanx for adding me to your friends list! :) I still can't believe our b-days are a mere day apart! :O I've never known someone to have such! So which yr dare I ask? let me guess "TCM" is your fave Smiths song? Mine is "Reel Around The Fountain". when I had my 1st listen, I was blown away at its sheer beauty--the LP vers on their 1st alb w/ the PIANO! Moz's voice, and JM's guitar, so pretty! As much as I love this song, I can't picture the Morrissey of today singing it at one of his own concerts though. Then again, I thought the same of TCM, I NEVER thought he'd do that one w/o Johnny and look! he has! Are you going to any gigs on this tour? Hopefully, he'll be all better b4 then, I'll be going to his ONLY Boston gig on March 29th! It will be my 4th time seeing him live and I can't wait! Just so you know, I have to use the library computers as I don't have my own :( ; I try to go 2x a wk usually on Weds or Thus. Talk to you soon?! Take care, Kar
    8. karriemoz
      hi! I was just browsing the profiles of my friends' friends' and I see you are just ONE DAY younger than me! My b-day is Sep 2!!! So I knew I had to write to you another Virgo as is Corrissey ; she's a friend of mine too! :) as is Di cartwright I LOVE her Moz photoshop pics on flickr! = how I 1st got into contact w/ her.I've been a fan of Moz/the Smiths for the last 6 yrs and like Moz I'll be hitting a milestone b-day this yr too! he'll be turning 50 ; me 30 YIKES! :O hope to hear back from you sometime, take care, Karrie :)
    9. MozSmith1
      I'm from Los Angeles, but my family's from Argentina. I think we're gonna go far this year. Thanks to Messi of course....and Dani Alves!
    10. MozSmith1
      MESSSSI...MESSSSSI....MESSSSSI! I love to see that there is another BARCA/MESSI fan. Me too, Me and his family go way back.
    11. Corrissey
      Nice pic of you and you & mozmal. Wish we had met when I was in Barcelona in Sept. of '07. Is La Sagrada Familia finished yet?! ;)
    12. Very Moz
      Very Moz
      gracias! muy buen año para vos tambien
    13. sol
      gracias !!!!
    14. I am a Ghost
      I am a Ghost
      Same as what you said really, but in Irish!
    15. sweet and tender hooligan
    16. dicartwright
      I just realized NOW it's in Spanish :P
      Feliz 2009 para tí también!! And may Moz be with you. And with me too.
    17. I am a Ghost
      I am a Ghost
      Athbhliain faoi shéan is faoi mhaise ...
    18. miryam_moz85
      well, u2..let it crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    19. cornelius blaze
      cornelius blaze
      HURRAH and a Happy new year to you x
    20. Sister Rose
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    September 3