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  • I just worked out that I'll be home for the Feb break on the 21st :(
    So, can I make it up to you by going out sometime in Glasgow? Which really means you buying me booze in Mono or The 13th Note as I subtly pass you money under the table. A wonderful prospect, I know :p
    I had the strangest dream about you last night, I think it was inspired by you telling me about getting kicked the face just before I went to bed
    You will. I was going to hire you as a maid, but you've blown it now! I don't know, you try to help some people..:)

    Can't really see the point in the snow other than to melt and give the plants and grass a wee drinkie!

    The Killers lead singer was on stage with Duran and they are an influence on your appaling band, so boo sucks to you.....:)

    It hasn't. I must have a weak immune system or something. It's really annoying, but i am bot one to complain..:)

    Okay hun. Take care, talk soon.

    Love, Ally...xxxx
    I sense some cynicism with my limping phenomena? It won't be that when i meet the Queen to collect my Knighthood....:)

    I would pick bands that are good enough for people to remember honey....lol! (wee joke there) You can come and see Duran Duran with me when they tour. You would have so much fun...:)

    It's a pity that it wasn't cancelled. it's the only point in the snow as far as i can see.

    I am doing okay hun. Syill got my cold but trying to be 'manly' about it...:) I've had it for about a month and it's becoming a real pain in the ass.....you know what i mean!

    Any tests coming up?
    I should take a book to read on this bus too. The journey has really lost any novelty value it ever had....:) I do quite enjoy laughing at people thoughm there are quite a lot of people in Balerno who have limps. But i need to conduct a true limping study in order for it to be accurate. With my glass eye and wooden bladder, i could almost be royalty over there...:)

    It's natural that you would get people reliving their youth. I kinda do that with Moz and of course Duran Duran. (no comments you..:))

    The snow was crazy, but as we know the rain rules, so it didn't last for long. It was nice while it lasted but i am not really a fan..:)

    Okay hun, take care and keep studying!

    Love, Ally...xxx
    I'll need to get here checked out. I need to read about Sylivia Plath as well. I am doing a fair bit of reading though, so i am quite pleased with myself...:)

    try not to be too down. what was the gig like? Did you have a good time? How is college going hun? Are you still studying hard?

    It's one of the downsides about going away - coming back..:) I've never understood the argument about people feeling refreshed after a holiday. I never felt refreshed, just pissed off that i was home...:)

    I will believe that it was the sandwhich. A pint of cider isn't enough to make you chunder..:)

    Hope you're well?

    Love, Ally...xxxx
    Well, you are doing the right thing. You must put up with ignorance but we will defeat this..:)

    I need to read about Virginia Woolf because it's a name i keep hearing over and over again.

    The first Buses are freezing, it's a disgrace. I may write and complain. The most expensive and least warm buses in history. I should complain more....:)

    What did you eat hun? Sounds dodgy and are you sure the puking wasn't drink related? We Scots tend to blame anything except the drink..lol!

    Good old Russell. That must have been nice..:)

    Okay hun, i hope you enjoy yourself. When do you get home?

    Lots of love, Ally...xxxxx
    Give them the Scottish notes honey. This is WAR!!!! Apparently it's not so bad these days. I used to have problems back in the 1990's and it used to annoy me no end..:)

    What books did you buy hun? I have been doing quite a bit of reading recently, so it's nice to be immersed in a book again.

    Okay, i was a minute out. I am still great though. I have been feeding the Swans with bread and i get a good bit of joy out of that. I am so simple...lol!

    The cold is still here and had to wait for a bus AGAIN! It's seriously not funny anymore..:)


    Okay Lucy. Have a great time and reply when you get the chance, okies?

    Lots of love, Ally...xxxx
    It's too expensive the First buses. Scandellous really. But it's my only option. I may try to walk it one day, it's only 9 miles to Musselburgh and back....:)

    Well, you will have arrived now. Aren't you just amazed at my powers of deduction...:) I hope you are having fun and speaking clearly for our English friends....:) when i was in london they thought i was German...:)

    I am foing okay, a slight cold, but carrying on with dignity as usual..:)

    Write back when you get the chance.

    Love, Ally..xxx
    The buses are extortionate here. It's £2.70 to get to musselburgh from here! And Lothian buses don't come out this far. It's enough to make a girl blush..:)

    Are you in oxford now hun? I hope you are enjoying yourself and going to see these old foggies re-live there youth on pot-bellies...:)

    Only joking, i am in a funny mood today. I hope you are having a great time anyways?

    Love, Ally...xxx
    I don't know when I'll be on, any times.:(
    Haha, that's a great dream!:D I had a dream about you just a bit back, I was going to visit you in your bookshop you just opened on the quays here in Dublin, you were asking someone about War & Peace and then you saw I was there and we were talking.:p
    Half an hour from Musselburgh, which isn't bad.

    I really sympathise with your bus situation and waiting every morning must be a real pain.

    Good idea. Plan the trip so that you're not hanging around doing nothing. It must be quite a picturesque place though. I hope you have a great time.

    I need to go honey, take care of yourself and we'll speak soon.

    Love, Ally...xxx
    Hamilton is in Lanarkshire it's next door to Motherwell about 10 miles outside Glasgow. It's a first 44c that comes here. It's a real pain but it only takles half an hour. I can't argue with your bridges pronouncement, no arguments from me there. As soon as you mentioned it, i though "AYE"!

    Just enjoy your free time hun.
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