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  • OH NOOO! JUST READ ON THE MAIN PG MOZZIE IS SICK AGAIN?! Sorry to all who had tix to his upcoming Fl shows. Had to go thru the same thing in Boston 6/26/07 but luckily he rescheduled 07/07/07! Hope he gets better, whatever he has picked up! :O
    Hi KarrieMoz, thanks for the request. It's nice to meet another cat lover. I love all animals, but I have a fondness for cats, especially. I have one cat, but have had many through the years. Which Moz shows are you going to? Nice to meet you here. Don't you just love this place? (AND MORRISSEY? LOL).
    haah,not even close! haha this was an actual real person,a ver yhoorible person,they have a site dedicated to cats that look like this person haha
    all in jest of course...
    Hi :) Yeah, I 'collect' friends ;):p lol ...you can say I've just been here awhile... probably too long!!

    Any fellow Virgo is an insta-friend of mine :cool::) Di made my avatar for me, but no, I didn't go to the show in Boston--I wonder what/whose comments you saw?

    Well, enjoy surfing the site. It's addictive!!! :)
    Hello there, Nice to "meet" you. Many people lurk, Its cool you joined. I am not too clever at making avatars but sometimes friends make me nice ones. I tend to change mine a lot.
    I have liked Morrissey and the smiths for years, prob since teenager, but I came and went with it then, Getting right back in to him in my twenties.
    Hope to see you about here a lot.
    Karin x
    Hey Mozaholics! It feels so great to finally be official on here! I've been visiting this website since Spring 2003 when I was 1st bit by the Moz/Smiths bug . I would LOVE some more friends, so plz feel free to write me so we can start connecting! Cheers, Karrie :)
    Hi Karrie, you made it into the forums
    Don't be surprised if I don't reply much, I tend to log in only to post and then leave. I don't come to my inbox a lot.
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