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  • Thank you Karrie,I am flattered,I always appreciate good feeback. What's your name on facebook then? If you ever want to, feel free to post my artwork on facebook ;-)
    Haven't been on here in ages! :0 to all my friends on here i am now primarily using facebook so if ya wanna friend me on there too, great! If not, nice knowing ya! Ha! Ha! Merry mozmas everybody! JC is overrated! ;) OH I GO BY MY FULL NAME KARRIE MARIE MAY! :)
    Hi sweetie pie!
    I'm facebook friends with Echobay too.
    Aw, thanks about my username.
    I actually joined solo in 2007 during the ROTT tour. But when I finally came back 2 years later, I couldn't sign in as I must have forgotten my password or something! And this year I got hooked on the Frink. So there is no leaving solo now! :)
    See you around!
    Hi Carrie!! Thank you for your birthday wishes! Hope you had a great one too. Yeah, I am 31 and can't believe it either! We're getting old... but as you know old wine is the best haha Take care x
    How cool is that?! I just read on here that on VH1 Classic they will be airing the Smiths' Whistle On The Road (I have already seen and taped off there a few yrs ago!) gig on my 30th bday tomorrow night! I do recall they also aired Morrissey's own Manchester bday concert footage from '04 for the 1st time on VH1 Classic in 2005 (DVD excerpts only) on my bday as well! I feel so special! :D
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