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  • 'Ello Karin! Glad you are seriously considering the name change! :D I would capitalise just the K and keep the rest as is...just a suggestion! I feel special now lol! ---Kar :)
    Hi Karin! I just noticed something funny that did you know you can spell your name in your Moz solo screenname???? Albeit the Smiths song title would be mispelled though, yet Morrissey mispelled "Cemetry Gates" Ha! Ha! Look! VIKARINATUTUGAL guess it just doesn't have the same ring to it looks-wise, eh? Just thought I'd point this silly lil observation of mine out! take care, Karrie
    Hi Karin! Thanks for writng me back! Btw the avatar I was ref to was the pic of Moz from late 2004 when he donned his priest outfit on stage and there was a drawn on tutu attached to him! LOVED THAT! I gather that is your fave song of the Smiths? Mine is "Reel Around The Fountain" :) 1st time I heard it, I thought it was the most beautiful sound my ears had ever heard! Still think so to this day! I never tire of it! My all-time fave Moz solo song is "Interesting Drug" . Can't quite explain what it is I love about it but I just do! and did my very 1st listen 6 yrs ago! I wish he'd bring this back to the live set! Am going to see him again for the 4th time at the House Of Blues in Boston, MA, USA the closest he'll be coming to my area of Northern New England! Am so excited! Anyways, thanks again for adding me as a friend. Do take care, Karrie :)
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