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  • I've been a fan for about 3 or 4 years I think. He caught me at the ripe old age of 14/15, That avatar as well I took as a screencap of the TV, I though that pose was too adorable and hilarious to turn down, lovely little Ralph Wiggum!

    Yes I love The Simpsons! It's my favourite show! Thanks for reading the bio as well you're one of the glittering minority to do so.

    Thankyou for adding me to 'Your Arsenal' (your arsenal)

    yeah u were like me then in school a loner lol cats are a great animal though u on mypace i added m as a freind on myspace
    hey yeah december just over a year into him prefer babyshanbles though cats are great take it us saw the pics
    No proble, dunno if i am going,I have seen him every tour,but the setlist does not thrill me,and besides I will see him at some point i am sure.I am too old and lazy to really get excited about general admission shows.
    Hi, thanks and it's nice to meet u. My b-day is (beleive it or not) May 22nd :)...love having the same b-day as Mozzer!! Take Care and hope to meet you at a show someday.
    Thanks for the kind words on my cats, my kids and my tees! What a purrfect job you have at the SPCA! =^..^=

    I’ve been a Moz fan since ’89 and first saw him on the Kill Uncle tour in 1991. So nice to find kindred spirits on solo –bless this place!
    Hi Karrie!!!
    I have been ill and can't seem to sit up long enough to type.... I am so looking forward to this years tour.... I just wish it was a little closer to home.... I am traveling to New Mexico for the El Paso gig... I think that is great that you work at the SPCA... I have spent my career in emergency medicine....
    Ok back to bed for me....
    Hi Karrie.

    15? That's a good age, although I've cats pushing an estimated 20 so hopefully you'll have yours purring at you for a good few years more. I used to have pedigree Persians, but these days I just have a couple of ex-stray moggies. Plus my garden chickens and my son's gerbils.

    Thanks again for your comments about the dolls. No, I don't knit for sale, as the labour costs would make them too expensive. So they're just daft gifts and prizes. :)

    Hi Karrie, Yes I also love the article, Moz the Cat, I have a copy under protective plastic.;) I am also going to the Boston show. I live in NYC, but Boston is not that far. I have been a fan since '91, but I've gone through various periods of obsessiveness;):D over the years, and the last few have been intense. I am somewhere in age between you and Morrissey - in fact, I'm in the middle.:o:D Speak to you soon, D.
    Yep, that's my real name. :)
    One can never have too many friends...but I had no idea I was approaching the 100 mark! :o:p
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