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  • I just made you a copy of the HOB show, 10/30/07 show, and a mixed moz cd. I also have a cd of the pics form MGM, and a DVD form MGM & HOB for you:) I am sending out this week. I will tell you went I mail it:)
    hey karrie! where in nh are you? did you go to the show on sunday night in boston?
    Just type in "Morrissey small format pictures" on Google, the size of the picture has to be quite small but you'd be able to get a decent Moz picture for your avatar. You'd be able to do it on a library computer easy!
    Hi Karrie, I'm so sorry that we didn't meet up!! I was on the rail, on the right side a bit off center. His energy was great the entire show. The crowd was a bit tame up front, but at least I didn't get kicked in the head! LOL How was the view in the balcony? Sometimes a bird's eye view is a good thing. You get to see everything. Yes, Moz looked beautiful, as always. Did you buy anything in the store? I got a mug and a magnet which I will keep to remember the great moments of this gig. Keep in touch! - D
    It was nice to meet you yesterday! I will send you a cd of the photos and videos. What was the name of the guy from Canada? Talk to you later:) Jen
    Haha yes, can you believe I heard of Morrissey BEFORE The Smiths?! Tomorrow was the first Moz song I ever heard and I was hooked. No one knew who he was, I was all alone in my new and quickly growing obsession. It's so nice to out my love on Solo. Bunnies are so cute. My whippets go CRAZY whenever they see one hopping around. They also react that same way around squirrels, cats...sigh, sighthounds. If you're interested, my blog is at www.whippetsnippets.com - lots more pix of Ribsy & Mirabel. Glad to chat with you, and share in the Moz love. SIGH!
    No, I didn't start the thread but it gave me the idea for the sign.
    I made it at dinner before the Merrillville, IN show last year.

    I kept holding it up and I had this feeling he'd ask about it (I think it was the eyeball O's that got his attention! :D) and he did... said, "You are too frinky. What does frinky mean?" and I said, "Frinky is a combination of frisky and kinky and if you look it up in the dictionary, you'll find your picture there!" and he said, "It's complimentary then?" -well DUH! Mozza!! LOL :D

    Long live the #1 solo thread! :horny:

    p.s. young Moz will return some day ;p
    What a nice bright page you got here! Karrie, I've been a fan since the Your Arsenal days (my first Moz album) so I guess I'm a newbie, hahaha! My avatar is of my whippet Ribsy. I have two whips in total. Do you have doggies?
    Hi Karrie,

    I've been a fan since 2004. My daughter got me in to the Smiths and then I just went crazy for Morrissey!
    I'm sorry. I've been busy chasing Morrissey around. :) Now that I won't be seeing him again until May I can get back to writing.
    If you have a pic saved on ur computer jsut go to edit avatar browse and ur pic should show on the screen
    Hi Karrie,nice to hear from you.I live in Leeds now but am originally from about 100 miles further North than that so am indeed a Northerner.Been a Smiths/Morrissey fan since way back in 1983 since I saw This Charming Man on Top Of The Pops here in England.A friend of Di's is fine by me as we have been friends for a few years now and I class her as one of my best friends not on here but in my life.Speak to you soon.
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