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  • Wow...the things that happen when I'm gone for a couple months! Yes we are friends on FB and I have [email protected]. What albums are you deleting? Not livejournal I hope..I'm enjoying your gifs right now.
    no hiccups at the moment..no
    but i had problems with the forums -it crashes down when i come into the forums
    thanyk you! can i share it with the frink?i can say that you arent satisfied with it-I disagree!
    i for one think it looks brillant -gif wise- the vid looks it could offer many gifs...

    thank and sorry for all th strugggling you had to go throughy you are:thumb:
    hey miss..
    how are you? hope all is well?
    if you have time..i would love to see gifs out of this new charming man tv studio-video from belgian tv...i know you have been busy recently...soi whenever you have time that would be loveyl
    thanke so much:)
    D`you mean you still haven`t friended me on facebook?? :lbf:
    Ok, I`ll save the wishes for my bday in November :thumb:
    Oopsie –I think I have you and sistasheila confused. :o You’re the gif maker, she’s the screencapper, right?

    We befriended eachother on Facebook recently (I thought it was you) and I wished her a Happy Bday saying the occasion called for a special gif. She said she’s not the gif maker, that’s ‘the Di from Montevideo’! D’oh! I’m easily confused :p Anyway, sorry, Happy Birthday to you whenever it is or was… and yes, please do pass this along to your Mom! :D
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