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Oct 1, 2007
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My one true love, from NYC

sweetness522 was last seen:
Jan 22, 2020 at 9:38 PM
    1. CaliforniaMozGirl
      No that was the only one. I am suffering from withdrawal knowing a week ago right now I was in utter bliss. I wish I had done a few other shows but this time of year is tough for me to get away. Are you there tonight? Want to hear all about it!
    2. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Diane! It was a late show. I am completely exhausted and woke up with a headache. He looks fantastic. The show started with Hand in Glove and moved into my favorite, Speedway! Since he did Speedway so early the rest of the night was less eventful, bur nonetheless wonderful! EDILS sounded beautiful. I think there was only one song change from the two other shows. He did To Give is Why I Live.i was on the floor but not up front. Asleep made me cry.
    3. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Diane!
      Thinking of you! Seeing Moz tonight in LA! Mell told me you're doing some shows back easy! Enjoy! Hope all is well! Love, Laura
    4. 9timesfined
      I saw your post.. I am thinking of buying a pair of tickets for the Albany show .. I think the seats are 4th row center.. but its about $400.00 fo the pair. I should haveall the details tomorrow .. let me know if your intereste or not.

    5. CaliforniaMozGirl
      HI Diane! I just got back from Vegas and I am trying to figure out these shows. If I can find the AEG password I want to get tickets to the San Diego show, even though it is on a Tuesday night three hours away, I have to make it for his birthday! I also plan to do Bakersfield and Stockton since they are weekend shows. Have you made any decisions? Let me know if you want to sit together! Love, Laura
    6. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Diane!
      How have you been? I just started vacation today so I am attempting to catch up on everything. I do have tickets to see Mozzer Thanksgiving weekend at the Shrine Auditorium in LA. I can't wait! I would have liked to have done more but things are so unstable at work I was afraid to take off time and the other two shows anywhere near here would both have to be an overnight stay. I may explore more tickets this month whileI am off. Things have just been way too hectic. I hope all is well with you. Maybe we can chat a little more often this month since Iam off. I am gonna try to be on the board more. Love, Laura
    7. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Happy Mozzer Day Diane! Can't believe two years since Manchester! What dates are your shows in Scotland? You will have to tell me all about it! Love, Laura
    8. timesofgrace
      hey lady! trying to send you a PM, but it says you've exceeded your quota! sending you an email instead :)
    9. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Diane! How are you? Going to any of the tour dates? Love, Laura
    10. shawnxvx
      hi! i havent been on solo in forever. i am well. hope all is well with you. i still hope to go to caravan sometime soon.
    11. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Diane! how are you doing? It has been a busy summer. I was in Cleveland of all places for the Barbie convention last month and then we went back to work on july 29 Just after i got back. I don't have Internet at home so I get on here less and less all the time. My house is wicked hot and I have shingles. I want fall to come. So what is new with you? Anything special going on? Missing morrissey. Wish there was a tour. Miss u and hope u are doing well! Love, Laura g
    12. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Diane!
      Happy one year anniversary of our Morrissey adventures. shawn and I were wandering the streets of Manchester aimlessly... wll not too aimlessly, we did have Phill's book to guide us! I hope you have been doing well! - Love, Laura : )
    13. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Diane, No nothing new. Still waiting for them to deliver a tub, sink, and toilet. The first tub was all cracked and the toilet and sink I ordered are on backorder. It is so ridiculous. Any decision about Europe? What places are you considering? I can't believe manchester was nearly a year ago!!
    14. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Diane!
      Still no resolution. A pipe leaked in the wall between the 2 bathrooms in the house. It is just awful. Where are you going in Europe? I want Mozzer to take care of himself before he attempts anymore big tours, but I know what you mean about missing him. Hope you are doing well! - Love, Laura : )
    15. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Diane!
      Things suck right now, but here's hoping they get better! I had a flood so I am staying at my parent's which is awful. I am waiting for the insurance to get the bathrooms fixed. What a mess. How have you been? Anything new and exciting? Any trips planned? Hopefully when Moz is up to it , we can see each other at another show! Hope all is well with you! - Love, Laura : )
    16. theboyracer
      It was a pleasure to meet you.

      I'll see you in '10 !

    17. Je Suis Julie
      Je Suis Julie
      Sorry! I wasn't home last night, but I see you did it JUST FINE. :thumb:
    18. CaliforniaMozGirl
      See you tonight!!!!
    19. TremulousHeart
      Hey Diane! I'm still lightheaded just from looking at that picture! I can't even imagine how you must be feeling!
    20. modrevolve
      Congrats on your photo-op!
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