Your favorite songs to hear live


Doing Very Well
The Loop
Sister, I'm A Poet
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
You Know I Couldn't Last

Whatever Happens I Love You (which I haven't yet heard :( )
The Loop
November Spawned A Monster
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Panic (which I haven't yet heard)
Let Me Kiss You
Trouble Loves Me
Alsatian Cousin (which again, I haven't yet heard)
National Front Disco (as above)

Emotional Guide Dog

Chairman Of The Bored
Hi This Charming Woman (hard to believe that name hadn't been taken before now.

(I can't help saying the above in the style of Dr Nick)

And The Loop on Beefoven is Dead still gives me gooebumps.

(As much as I'd not like to be yelled at, my favourite song of all to hear live is This Is A Low by Blur)


Girlfriend In A Coma
There is a light that never goes out
why don't you find out for yourself
life is a pigsty
reader meet author
and more:guitar:


Girlfriend in A coma makes me happy.:D


Not Stirred
National Front Disco
Hairdresser on Fire
Everyday is Like Sunday
How Soon is Now?
Last of the Famous International Playboys
and No One Can Hold A Candle To You, but I've only heard that live on Who Put the M?, I'd LOVE to hear him sing it in person.


New Member
Why dont you find out for yourself
What difference does it make
Life is a pigsty
Everyday is like sunday
The loop :guitar:
Some girls are bigger than others
Black cloud
and oh so many more..........

hi I am a newbie also :cool:


Lust a prima vista
In their current form:
The Loop
National Front Disco
Death of a Disco Dancer

Songs that I loved live but were not played on this tour:
Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Queen is Dead
Piccadilly Palare - This was sooooo good in 1991. At least there are some decent recordings of it (Live in Dallas, Hammerstein)
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(used to be) a sweet girl
Why don't you find out for yourself
Life is a pigsty
Seasick yet still docked :)tears:)
The Loop
Let me kiss you ;)
Last night i dreamt that somebody loved me
and many many more :D
ive never heard these live but hope to sum day:
sweet and tender hooligans
please please please
sister i'm a poet
the more you ignore me the closer i get
why dont you find out for urself
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