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  • Thank you!! :) We seem to have a Jake discussion every 6 mos or so ;) I'm still crushin on him. "That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they'd call them something else". ~Jim Baker
    Thanks, I knew you would!! <3 Ever since you posted the Thompson Twins' If You Were Here on FB, 'the scene' has been stuck in my head. :sweet: I've had that pic on my computer for forever...finally decided to put it to good use. :)
    Hey Julie, thanks for having a look at my blog, they are my drawings, yep :) Have another look in a couple of weeks, if you get a chance, i'm in the process of putting together a comic book/zine about Morrissey fans and will be posting the pages when finished. Thanks again :)
    hi lovely julie
    can you ask you sth?
    can you be an angel and please please please scan the ghost moz encounter? i have a couple of new interviews ready to post in return(for you and the commie) i dont have enough money for the book...i would be so happy if it would be possible
    Ah, Yes, that was me who posted it but then I remove it because thought that it may look weird to some that I "play" with dolls... haha ;)
    can post it again, no prob, it's just, he's not as frinky as Moz ;D
    Thank you! Oh my goodness! Thanks for all the information! I love seeing Moz in that shirt! I saw him in 1997 at the Kalamazoo State Theater in Michigan. Ah, and now I have yet another favorite pic of Morrissey! :)
    I've been away from the Frink for a few days. I've missed so much! Did Moz really wear a Michigan Swimming t-shirt?! It's not photo shopped right?
    I'm getting all high on the Frink today!!! :) tee hee hee
    I wish I had the Moz shirt your icon is wearing. I bought a nifty shirt at Coachella...but it was so hot there that it melted the threads holding the shirt together. I'm not even kidding. I sewed it up, but still...Not comfortable wearing it. I just keep it safe in my drawer. I want a Moz shirt to wear.
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