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  • Aww Jeniphir of course we would have made room for ya! There was a guy and his gf who were hogging the rail next to us too :(, I kindly asked the guy to plz move aside but he claimed he couldn't! Whateva! That's what Jen and I did, I gave her my cell # and texted her, ended up meeting her in the HOB gift shop, I picked her out strangely enough even though I was w/ my mom & dad! next gig we will meet! I'll PM you my info ok?---Kar
    Hey Jen! I'm bummed we never got to meet at the show last night :( Did meet the other Jen morrisseychic + Petemoz I befriended on here after asking posting about who's going to the HOB Boston show! Maybe next time? Take care, Kar
    Hi jen! I just wanted to say I like your new heading from "Skull". So no more freezingly cold soul then, eh? "Seasick" is such a tragically beautiful song isn't it? I notice it's afave of both you and the other Jen ha ha! Btw I did get thru reading all your live journal entries about your various Moz concert exps and I very much enjoyed them so thank you again for sharing! Talk to ya next week? Take care, Karrie :)
    Btw forgot to mention I love the pic on your screenname of Moz's "Future" single cover. That is my fave ROTT song!!! I'd have to say my fave YOR song is "INYB-dayAnymore". Gorg music, gorg arrangement and his VOICE is breathtakingly beautiful! :D. Wish I knew HOW I could put Moz's pic w/ my screenname, but I haven't a clue! Perhaps one of you could tell me?! Cheers Karrie
    hey there! I've been corresponding w/ morrisseychic your other friend, and I'm so happy to see you've also added me to your friends list! Thanx! 2 Jen's! So are you too going to Moz's HOB gig in Boston as well? I am so psyched for it since I've now heard YOR and am eager to hear what he'll play live from it! I don't check my inbox often til just now, so I'm glad I did, else I'd never know you added me as a friend! Hope we will become good ones. Til next time, bye and take care, Karrie :)
    Nah. Most nights I need to be in bed by 10! Plus, any extra money I have these days is going directly into my tattoo fund. I will prolly not be going to any gigs until Morrissey plays out again--dare I hope this fall??? I haven't bought a Cure record since Disintegration. . .last saw them in '89, and it was amazing, so I will live happily with my memories of that, I think.

    The Duran Duran thing was tempting, though!

    Have fun at the Cure, if you're headed that way. . .
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