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  • Yes, it is a problem when you have no money (speaking from my current experiences as a music-loving, unemployed college student :D). Glad you're enjoying it, I must check out the others.
    No problem. :) Good good, I do need to get that at some point (among many others- when I discover a new artist I spend the first few months feverishly attempting to get as many CDs as possible).
    Hi, just to let you know that I replied to your question on the Divine Comedy thread (in case you didn't see it as it's slipped right back to page two). :) Hope all is well with you.
    ooh, my ex-professor was the head of Birmingham School- some sort of neo-marxian group for culture/education studies.
    I'm studying in Glasgow at Strathclyde Uni looking at social mobility and micro/macro impacts on people with learning disabilities... but as i said - will probably get kicked out as i don't think i'm motivated enough to complete a PhD!

    Good luck checking out Japan - they're fab and they're one of my favourite groups. Sylvian solo stuff's a wee bit more experimental, but Japan stuff's just FAB!


    Wendy x
    Hello there! lol i have a whopping 6 friends on here, woo hoo. Im good ta. I noticed the Lancaster uni location. Nice to know of other fans in Lancaster :)
    How are you?
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