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    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day. :)
    Me neither. I've argued with them till dawn, but they won't change it.
    Thanks for sticking up for me in that thread. I hate the anonymous posters on here!!
    Thanks! I did have a great day. I watched Doctor Who with my mom and sister. :)
    Hey Girl with the Thorn, how's it going? Thank you so much for the friend invite. Are you well? Is life treating you well? I am very bored at work and feel on the brink of manic depression (not really but shit, work is waste of my life. I'd be a great man of leisure).
    they sent me a scary copyright questionnaire :( I got most of the questions wrong, as I think artists shouldn't have rights when it comes to me uploading their stuff on my channel!!
    Christ. It's kicking off again with the whole Quiffa argument! ohhhh gawwwd :(
    Remember 2009 when we used to send each other visitor messages about Freddie from Big Brother? lol those were the days..
    Scandinavia lyrics are just... plain weird. I just hope there's a few gems on the album to save it, else it'll no doubt be his worst album!
    It's petty, and he'll lose some big fans from the way he's treating David, as you can see from some people saying they're leaving and never going to a Moz gig again! I think he knows the new stuff is bland and he's trying to do outrageous stuff, ala Lady Gaga with her shit music and outrageous lifestyle.
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