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  • are you in the US?

    anyway can i have prices on

    Maladjusted - sllight crease to both left hand corners, vinyl mint
    Southpaw Grammar inc booklet
    World of Morrissey
    Vauxhall & I - signed in silver pen by Morrissey at the HMV signing in Manchester but also has my boyfriend's name on written by Moz
    Your Arsenal
    Morrissey & Siouxie - Interlude
    noo!! got Hull one today and the manch 23rd oens we had to get through some travel company arrived today. still need brum and sals.. im optimistic they'll arrive this week. still cant belive how quickly its rushed up, im not ready... i dont even know how to get from A to B in most places im going too... *panics*
    ooh thanks!
    umm no I dont really, but it is growing on me..
    i'll be in the quee most days just shout at me, and if your not looking too scary(not nthat im saying you are scary, but you might be!) then i might own up to being me. ;-)
    you on commission with them or summat? ;-)
    no i havent, i as yet know nowt about the quarry night for brixton, i do like my sleep what with being a seasoned queuer and all, (and not used to the loud cities, i get very tired) if theres one on sat night i might come, you'll have to promise to dance with me though cause im shy. sned me some info on it would ya.. ta!
    omg i know... ive got a few for £15 but some are gonna be mega expensive, keep checking the,, the cheap ones dont always come up for the 1st week, but once they do you gotta grab them. i must get the hotel sorted tomoz, esp if theres football on *groans* even more chavs to deal with/try to avoid.
    aww, LOL i would too, i have that scrunchy face pic as my messenger sign in, and EVERYTIME I see it I smile hugely and make the same face at it..
    is it only that long,.. OMG, P-A-N-I-C!!!! im not ready, i goota find some new staff to cover my abscence yet! (panics even more) you got a hotel for brixton yet? thats the only one i havent got booked, been lazy and putting it off.
    oi oi, still grinning like a cheshire cat everytime you catch sight of your wrist? ;-)
    no agency got 4 tickets for the scouse 1. me and my girlfriend are going that. so two spare. would like to swap if possible
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