Rev Richard Coles (ex-Communards) - "The song I can no longer listen to"

‘No Jacket Required would be the soundtrack of hell’: the Rev Richard Coles’s honest playlist - The Guardian
The former Communard says he knows every word to Jesus Christ Superstar – what else does he listen to away from the pulpit?


The song I can no longer listen to
This Charming Man. Much as I like the song, Morrissey has ceased to be charming for me.

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Morrissey will always be charming .And to this priest what happens to him?
Go cry to the Church!!!!!
Never listen to a person who says that sex is not their thing and they do live in celibacy
this twat calls himself a man of the cloth but will go on any reality show when theres a few quid going,another to add to the long list.wank.
bit of trivia-jimmy sommerville of the communards was brought up in my town till he was about 11.
he says he knows every word to Jesus Christ Superstar,big deal,probably most of us knows every word to every M album but we dont go shouting it from the pulpit.see that this article appeared in the guardian,nuff said.wonder if he was paid forty pieces of silver.
It's official: if you listen to Morrissey, you will go to Hell when you die :dizzy:
Richard Coles is a nice person. I’m a massive Morrissey fan , but you have to respect others people’s views. I know he lost his husband a while back. Really sorry for that to have happen to him. Always nice to see him on tv.
Where does it say Thou shall not be gay in Ten Commandments? If it was that important it would be there. So it doesn’t matter. So that means you love and respect everybody.

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Seems like a nice guy, but he was a bit weird on The Weakest Link the other week - some of his attempted humour fell a little flat. (As opposed to Romesh Ranganathan, who is hilarious hosting that show.)
which perfect beings can he listen to?

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