Did you see Morrissey 25 at the cinema?

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By itsverycold on Aug 28, 2013 at 4:24 PM
  1. itsverycold

    itsverycold -

    Dec 4, 2012
    I went to see the film last night. I was one of about ten people there. It's hard to read any kind of atmosphere in a mostly empty room, but judging by the people who decided to sit directly behind me and comment all throughout the film, the people who had come to watch were hardly diehard fans.

    The most repeated comments i heard were that they "didn't know that one" and "i hope he plays _________". There was laughter at the fan's comments (understandably, i think) and when he removed the shirt(s).

    I know the film played a few places last night and will be playing elsewhere in a week or so and i was just curious how many people were at the screening you attended and what the general atmosphere was. I'm also interested in your reasons behind deciding not to go see it. Unless you're answer is that morrissey's shit now. I think that opinion is represented well enough on multiple threads already.

    For what it's worth (nothing) i enjoyed the film. He sounded great and the camerawork is as interesting as you could hope a simple filmed concert to be.
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    1. stux
      Yes i went and only about 10 people there to see it.

      Its ok i guess, wish the fan comments had been cut.
    2. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      I posted this on another thread earlier this evening:

      Just got back from the cinema, an enjoyable gig overall.
      Highlights: Still Ill, Speedway, That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore, To Give (The Reason I Live) and The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (encore)
      Cringe-fest: People's comments when Moz hands them the microphone (including Julia's) and band members introducing themselves before the encore.

      For the record, 20 or so people at this particular screening.
      About 20 or so in Nottingham. Really enjoyed seeing him on the big screen and the great surround sound. Agree that the earnest fan worship stuff was taken way too seriously. Could have done without all of it.
    4. BrummieBoy
      "It's hard to read any kind of atmosphere in a mostly empty room- only about 10 people there to see it-20 or so people at this particular screening."

      This doesn't surprise me. If he hadn't taken ill, I imagine he would have done some t.v interviews in the U.K/U.S to publicise the film. It's hard to know if the low attendance reflects on his current status or is just because most people don't even know about it. I haven't seen any advert in print media or on billboards in central England.

      I'm looking forward to seeing it tomorrow at Merry Hill, a few miles from Wolves Civic. I remember the mayhem at that event in 88, so it will be very odd if there's just a few random passers-by around us. As for the film, "it is what it is". If Morrissey has died from his food poisoning, everything would be different. Whether it's good, bad or indifferent, it's a document of a very troubled phase in his career/personal life. I am open to being surprised and won over, despite not warming to the previews. It will be useful for me to compare it to the audience at "Celebration Day". Mind you, Zepellin are massive in the Midlands, almost as humungous as Sabbath. Moz isn't really 'hot' at the moment, but he's always had a warm welcome here.

      I will add my thoughts after seeing the film. I'm not surprised there is widespread concern at the unedited comments from The List denizens. Really, someone should have sensed how badly that stuff might look to the 'outsiders' and left it on the cutting room floor. But, too late. "We are where we are".....
    5. Tomi
      I am so glad I caught Peter Bradshaw's review in the Guardian in time! Absolutely spot on! I can only say I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

      It was very well directed, the setlist was very representative of Moz's impressive body of work – and it showed Moz and his great band as just as I know them ... albeit even better! Well done to all concerned!!

      I concur with the Guardian: it is "a deeply entertaining spectacle." I was wavering beforehand but having seen it, I will buy and cherish the DVD!!!

      Here's hoping Moz will be back on tour soon!
    6. itsverycold
      I'm assuming that the cinema release isn't a great worry. It's only playing one nighters in a few cinemas after all. A nationwide release would have been a disaster though, based on the turnouts reported so far. If the dvd/blu ray sales are ridiculously poor then we might get a statement. We might get a statement.

      I only found out that it was playing near me when i went to see a film early last week and saw a poster. There was no listing on the website for the cinema.

      I did spot a few listers (not craig charles) in their usual barrier spots. I don't think they were the ones handed the mic though. Then again, it's quite possible that i'm out of the list loop.
    7. CrystalGeezer
      I had a feeling things like the fan's comments wouldn't translate so well after the fact, but that night? It all made sense in a way that's impossible to explain. Have to wait til Thursday to see it. I thought about taking a friend but I'm thinking about going by myself, might be more enjoyable. I can't imagine a packed house where I'm seeing it, it's a private Christian College town, not exactly the Morrissey set, though they have a cool record shop.
    8. Girlmostlikely
      Maybe the fans comments were left in because it was an important of that night and they wanted an honest representation.

      I'm glad to hear the fan reviews are positive so far. I have to wait til Thursday myself. It's too bad the screenings today were fairly empty, hopefully there will be some fuller theaters.

      Oh, can someone explain to me what is meant by "the List" fans?
    9. CrystalGeezer
      I think he might be referring to the list of people who are regularly at the barrier. I know that at the San Diego show security were hand picking fans who could go into the pit. I asked if I could go and he shook his head no, I wasn't on the list. Or he didn't recognize me from the regular fans who travel to every show. Either that or people pay the security beforehand to hand pick them to get up front. There's a lot of barrier politics. A lot.
    10. itsverycold
      "The list" refers to the people who travel around the world to see shows. They're generally the first people there, arriving at ungodly hours of the morning. A list, an actual physical list, is written up to keep a place in line for these people based on when they show up so people can go get lunch or take a shower or something. I've been on the list a few times and have never seen any "barrier politics" but i'm sure it does happen. There are multiple accounts of people who have thought poorly of the list stuff in archived posts.
    11. CrystalGeezer
      Well, all I know is if Morrissey has to spray them with perfume to get through a show, maybe the shower rotation thing isn't working as well as they thought. :D
    12. Girlmostlikely

      Thank you for the info and to CG too. I never knew there was an actual list! I am relatively new to the forum and don't remember people talking about it before.

      I have been up against the stage quite a few times but only at seated shows. Whenever it's a theater I try to get in the first few rows the old fashioned way or I have at times shelled out to stub hub.

      I just can't do the lining up thing at a Morrissey show. People get there too damn early! I have to go to work often on a show day and if its a couple of hour drive... Plus I'm not paying a babysitter all freaking day while I line up before a show. The first couple of times I saw him, in college when I used to get to shows early all the time, I realized a few hours early isn't enough for Morrissey.

      But I can understand why people do line up, seeing Morrissey right up close is amazing:D
    13. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      in a word? no :straightface:
      this would have made for a good poll :thumb:
    14. smiffy
      Anyone going to the Hull showing tonight?
    15. Kewpie
      You might bump into The Cat's Mother and mozza220559.
    16. Tbevie
      It's showing at my local Cinema tonight but I haven't decided if I'm going to go or not. I'll be buying the DVD so I'll see it eventually but I've never seen a recorded gig at the cinema before so I would quite like to experience that. Although having read some of the posts here I doesn't sound like there will be much of an atmospher, in fact I'm slightly worried that if I go I'll be the only one there.
    17. BrummieBoy
      The List are The Cult Fan-atics who Morrissey cultivates to avoid having to face a real audience whenever possible (hence his disdain for festivals). They are often obnoxious, and aggressively stake out their 'entitlement' to a place front and centre. I've had to throw a punch or two when one of them pushed my date out of the way as if they weren't even human. They are NOT innocent in their obsession, neither is Morrissey in his co-dependency. Plus, they bray along tonelessly as if the singer isn't worth listening too. I've been front row and centre several times, and as I'm a "good looking man around town", Morrissey has given me the eye and tried to solicit a reverant response. Ain't gonna happen! I've seen him sulk and throw tantrums when an Audience don't pander to his re-runs of Bowie / Bolan mania. The List is just another marketing scam to spread the meme that Morrissey has the most intense followers in the world. That's nonsense, he just has a hard-core rump of narcissistic,solipsistic delusional cult casualties. It seems from this film that he regards that as some validation of his Art. He might usefully attend a Leonard Cohen 3 hour love-in and educate himself as to what a completely inspirational performer and audience can achive.

      Last years Annual Cult Convention at that arena in Manchester saw Moz punish the Audience for daring to have a few pre-show drinks rather than face the Kristeen Cauterwaulling, coming on early to reward The List, and causing health and safelty concerns as those in the bar rushed to catch the opening number. Pathetic behaviour. He only really plays to the first 10 rows. He'll end up with only the first 10 rows if he doesn't wake up. "The List: World Tour 2015".....I will be critically analysing this film tonight to see if it's for a wider non-fan-atic audience or just more navel-gazing and backslapping between the "Icon" and "The List".


      - - - Updated - - -

      Morrissey will be there. In spirit. A private audience! What could be more wonderful? Plus, you can stand up and dance and sing along without scaring any casual cinema attendees.
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    18. itsverycold

      Hope you enjoy the film. Or sit there gritting your teeth and basking in your superior nature. Whatever works for you.
    19. Mozza220559
      Where's it playing cock?

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