The Indepent on Morrissey and "Morrissey 25"

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By the_kaz on Aug 24, 2013 at 10:03 PM
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    Can Morrissey survive the years of refusal? - The Independent
    The filmed intimate gig at LA's Hollywood High School that became Morrissey 25: Live was intended as a celebration of his quarter-century of solo stardom. But his career is in trouble, says Nick Hasted
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by the_kaz, Aug 24, 2013.

    1. BrummieBoy
      Superb review. Balanced, nuanced, but with some seriously hard-hitting blows:

      "Still insisting on the sort of 1990s record deal which would have subsidised that South American jaunt, but no longer exists in an imploding music industry, he has been without a label for some time. "

      Morrissey's talent has stayed circumscribed by its interest in the witty description of his own despair and loneliness, and regressed from the similar subject of The Smiths by losing their songs' healing, communal connection to an adolescent generation. That has been replaced by a deepening, resourcefully amusing solipsism."

      insensitive solipsism, most infamously when, immediately after Anders Breivik's mass killing in Norway, he said on stage that the 77 dead were "nothing compared to what happens in McDonald's and Kentucky Fried shit every day".

      "His role as a sort of rock Prince Philip, putting his foot in his mouth on subjects such as this and immigration, has been another reason for old fans abhorring him."

      Oh dear. Reviews linking him to Alan Clark and now the Norman Tory Whore bloodline's most egregious exponent of unquestioned Privilege!

      Morrissey's previous sulking sojourn ended with YATQ, which was marred by tiresome complaints about his business and legal failings and dramas. He retains elements of that mindset in imagining that there is some conspiracy to prevent him from another spell on the payroll of international entertainment corporations with access to aggressive marketing tactics and stategies to force the lumpen herd consumer to listen to "Boy's A Looker". His most ridiculous song, attempting to lambast Pop Idol when he is being revealed as just another lucky contestant in the early 80s NME managed Indie-Pop Idol Show. With Paul Morley and John Peel as guest panellists choosing who got to escape the dole and who had to get a real job in the real economy doing something other than Bread and Circus. Entertainment as Repressive Tolerance. "Marcuse is me!"

      It remains to be seen if Morrissey can do another comeback. If he does, one can only hope he moves beyond his tired tropes and addresses the real existential dramas of being a Boomer Graveyard Multi-Millionaire entertainer in the Hollywood Hills in a way that connects with his non-celebrity audience rather than more nonsense that "says nothing to me about my life". That would be a sad epitaph to his later career when he connected so potently at the outset.

      I've enjoyed listening to Morrissey and his contribution to "The Smiths" over the last couple of weeks as I had a comment bash here. But I'm getting bored now so will soon return to lurking and LOL-ing at the cult dramas as they play out. It's like a mad sit-com or Celebrity Big Brother. Thanks to all for contributing to the co-created collaborative revenge on corporate rock star whoredom. Thanks to those who gave us the Interwebs. And, in the days of Manning, Assange and Snowden, thanks to America for it's First Amendment and to DavidT for making this place a reasonable guardian of those foundational principles. "Viva America!" "Viva Los Angeles!" "Viva 'Hilarious Career Car-Crash Live Film!"
    2. Anonymous
      Think you're referring to 'Kid's a Looker'. That's not the only error in your post
    3. Anonymous
      Another post from BB, primarily about himself, as always - or wilfully misinterpreting the facts to suit his own agenda. Nobody cares whether he's going to lurk or LOL, so there's no need for him to provide these silly narcissistic asides which imply that everyone's eagerly waiting to see what he'll say or do next. We all know the REAL reason why he can't keep away.

      As for "thanks to America for it's First Amendment and to DavidT for making this place a reasonable guardian of those foundational principles" - well, that unmistakable blend of ignorance and pomposity is BB's stock in trade. Freedom of speech without responsibility is no freedom at all. The idea that freedom of speech means it's somehow morally wrong to delete troll postings from internet sites or ban those who wage their own infantile vendetta is beyond naive. It's an angry, ill-informed teenager's understanding of what freedom of expression means. To compare and contrast the "ethics" of this site with "Manning, Assange and Snowden" is as utterly ludicrous, juvenile, ignorant and in profoundly poor taste as the Norway/McDonalds comment which so many were quick to condemn.

      As for the film review, the final two paragraphs say it all and explain why Morrissey is in fact critic-proof, which must in turn frustrate those who seek to criticise him, both in the press and, sadly, on here.
    4. Anonymous
      It's the facial resemblance to Alan Clark (a comic comparison) not the fact he was a philandering Tory, you fool. Brummie Boy is also deluded if he thinks anyone wades through every word of his unreadable verbiage; surely everyone who doesn't automatically ignore his posts just skim reads them? And even then, that's probably excessive since all his posts are basically the same - once you've read one, you've read them all.
    5. Anonymous
      Good post Brummie
      Listen up people the car crash has been fatal but its time to dust yourselves down and get on with life so lets start with the diet shall we !
      Salads are ok in summer but with autumn fast approaching its time to start smelling the bacon in the mornings ahead. The quorn is dead ! So lets start by getting back on the meat diet, yes steak ! Big ones at that, I'm talking pork chops,lamb chops,chicken, venison etc. Let your juices flow and your taste buds run riot but please avoid burgers and hot dogs they are full of shit that is bad for you and your waist. When it comes to meat try to find meat that has been hung for 21 days (lovely). Ask your local butcher they're always happy to help. Morrissey has gone now done for, so you can all run free now and eat the flesh you crave and not feel bad about it "The quorn is dead long live the meat and all who eat it".

      Reader meat author.

    6. BrummieBoy
      If you're going to be a butcher, make sure you know why you're a butcher. And don't make sausages from the sweepings on the floor! I used to know a butcher. He was a good lad, but he was troubled. Not by butcher shop things, but he'd worked in an abbatoir before the shop, so he knew what really goes on.......,_Eat_Pigs,_and_Wear_Cows
    7. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      Oh great more nonsensical ramblings from benny and brummieboy and if that's not bad enough they're now now congratulating each other. Unless of course they're actually the same person with split personalities? Maybe in saner moments they post as johhny barleycorn? Either way you should release your short stories on amazon, people will download any old rubbish on their kindle as long as its free. If nothing else at least it would give all of us on here a break from your usual rhetoric
    8. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      "I am three people /
      Two you know but don't like /
      The other one you don't know, but you don't want to."

      Actually, the truth must now be told. I can exclusively reveal that I'm everyone else on here except you.
    9. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      That's a scary thought, it it wasn't for shiridan i could almost believe you. But then shiridan could be an extreme part of you, split personalities argue with themselves don't they? Now I am worried
    10. Anonymous
      Why does everyone seem to think Morrissey OWES us something? A comeback, a tour, a new album? If he retires, yes, that would be terrible for his fans... but all we need to do is put on one of his albums and there he is. (And isn't that the voice of a friend that you've lived your life with?) Not only did we get The Smiths, but his solo work. He's the only artist who HAS sung to me about my life, about the things that matter. Has he done that for you? If yes, then must we try to take every last ounce from him? All these articles are like vultures circling, waiting for the last heartbeat. He challenged the music industry with The Smiths in the eighties, and showed them with that their model sucked. No MTV videos needed, thank you very much. Guess what? The music industry hasn't changed. Big surprise. And guess what? Moz is still stubborn about it. That makes me happy.
    11. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      It might make a good short story. You join a forum, it slowly gets more bizarre and aggressive, the mods are complete weirdos, there seem to be two cliques, and you slowly realise it is you and one other person with multiple personality disorder. I shall call this story "r/atheism".
    12. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      I actually think it would be good material for a new morrissey song, a spotty teenager falls in love, the object of his passion is a huge smiths fan and rejects him because she is besotted with morrissey. The spurned youth swears revenge on morrissey and starts by opening up a butchers shop in Birmingham to sell meat at cost price to attack morrissey's vegetarianism. Then the advent of the forum arrives, the spurned now in his forties takes to his basement and sits in front of six laptops with 2 litres of Pepsi on one side and a family box of Cheerios on the other and spouts vile at morrissey using many different personas, the title of the song could be - (revenge of the brummie butcher) or ( the boys a hater)
    13. BrummieBoy
      Uncanny! I feel as if you know me. I hope you haven't hacked my computer, but you seem to have sussed out that me and Benny are part of the same subversive faction. You're probably one of those GCHQ goons who have been following me today to see if I'm preparing to protest the badger cull round here tomorrow. Brian May is about to arrive with his sleeping bag and our tactical plan for 'direct action'. After disrupting that, I'll head off to see this amazing live concert film. I'm not sure if Brian is a believer, i'll ask him to come on here and comment too.

      I confess: I have indeed got six laptops here in "Mom's Basement" and, on a mad sugar high from the coke and cheerios, I run them through proxies to fox the witless moderators and create my very own online mass psychosis. I am lonely, bitter, twisted, misanthropic and prone to delusional outburts. Thank goodness Moz doesn't read these boards, and thank the lord he shares none of those distressing symptoms. "Boy's A Hater" is very good but this is even better:

      "Our haters are our motivators!"

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    14. realitybites
      The first single by the Mean Muses.
    15. BrummieBoy
      can't find it on youtube or spotify. only hit is for something called 'gay blades-mean muses'. is that it?
    16. realitybites
      Hahaha. I meant... it should be the first single for our new band, Mean Muses. :lbf:
    17. BrummieBoy
      Mean Girls. "So Fetch!" as our absent friend in FLA would hiss.... Morrissey supported Muse at a festival in Italy and kept mooing "Muuuuuse......Muuuuse" at the audience who weren't interested in him and wanted apocalypse rock from the crazed prog-rock ensemble who were headlining......time for some sleep! To sleep, to dream, to muse upon some other mid-brain, etc.
    18. realitybites
      Would you believe that I am not a mean girl in real life? But not a doormat either. I think I am the same here as well, but a certain faction thinks otherwise. I don't lose sleep over it.
    19. shridan whiteside
      shridan whiteside
      ---Don't worry please IBIH, I am me and only me! I am certainly NOT any part of J Barleycorn, thankfully nothing like benny, and WILL NEVER, EVER be remotely like BB. I am just hard wired not to be a bitter, evil, egomaniac. I am a fan of Morrissey. I first came to this site to stay informed about the goings on of Moz. Thinking that I would be surrounded by like minded people, aka, fans of Morrissey. I knew that there would be a fair share of disgruntled supporters, and had no illusions of absolute praise all the time for Moz and his actions, but never thought I would see the volume of hate and ill will toward him that I see on here. Its supposed to be a "fan site" for God sake. I hope that the fans of Morrissey who are just now finding their way to this site are not scared off by a 'few bad apples' and their wondering, seething, posts. Some of them far too long and unreadable. I hope they read old posts and new ones alike and see that the vast majority of posters are indeed the warm, compassionate/passionate, intelligent fans they would expect to find on a Morrissey fan site.
      You and I, (and many, many others) are all to familiar with the aforementioned 'haters', and indeed either skim their posts, (because they are virtually the same everytime) skip over them entirely, (because they are too long, and filled with the same vile spew) or read them as fast as possible just to have a good laugh. Maybe we send a reply, maybe we don't. I do sometimes because a few words of sanity to an insane person really gets them in a frenzy. Its a juvenile thing to do I know, and I would much rather be writing about a particular subject of interest regarding Moz, but we do what me must. Add the fact that an intelligent reply to a lunatic's post is better than thinking that they have actually succeeded in winding us up. As if they could.
      But try if you must, JB, Benny, & BB. I expect nothing less from you lot.
      In the meantime,
      Peace be with you IBIH, & all the rest of you 'sensible's'.


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