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  • No worries Miry... the guy was just thinking aloud in his post about what something could be .... and it was a really good idea of his. It was in one of the YOR review threads ... but there is so much to go through it's like searching for a needle in a haystack. Well just by chance, guess who I am meeting on Monday ... none other than sistashelia :)
    We are both here in HH. And yes I will ask her.

    Have a nice Saturday!
    All the best,
    sorry, but unfortunately i have to disappoint you tomi..
    i haven't heard of anything..:(
    or something in context..I'm really sorry..sorry doesn't help, i know..:D
    nevertheless good luck..i would ask sistashila..she always knows EVERYTHING..
    if there's someone to ask than definitive sista..
    just a little advice..:rolleyes:

    greetings miry
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