Bad news - Philadelphia postponed "due to illness in the touring party"

Philadelphia cancelled / postponed:

Anyone got any details. Drivers, turn around.


UPDATE Dec. 6:

Posted by modrevolve:

Philly is now officially cancelled. Refunds to come.
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Philadelphia is postponed due to an illness within the "touring party"

Jukebox "Come On City" Jury
Every ticket I buy generally comes with knowkedge that its 50/50. I'm fortunate it was only a few hours drive for me... but others.
I live in Philly. The Fillmore is located directly across the street from a meat packing plant. I’d bet money that’s why this show was “postponed”.
I approached the venue on foot from the backside and thought it odd that the crew was loading road cases into the truck. Thought maybe it was for storage purposes.... then walked around the corner and saw nobody lined up. I knew at that second the show was off. Then I came here and saw it confirmed.

Oh well. Like Frosty said above.... always a risk, sadly. Pretty ridiculous though.
For anyone that made the trip to philly and have nothing to do now, Chinatown has really ill hookers. They give you a bath with a rub down and then take you into a bedroom where you can have your way.
and so it goes...and so it goes.
who here hasn't been cancelled on day of, minutes before, or 20 minutes into a gig?
reasons for any of the aborted shows are entertaining tho.
What a kick in the balls. I was so ready for the show tonight. Was all lined up and ready to go. Now I have nothing to do.

Guess I'll walk over to that dumpy looking casino next door and blow my load in there.
4 hours notice isn't very good at all.
My first humorous thoughts were he'd either discovered Blue Buffalo use 'quality' meat in their pet products or he couldn't find a stitch to wear that wouldn't put him in the 'worst dressed' category.
But in all seriousness, I feel for anyone who made the effort and is now walking away very pissed off.
The 'will he/won't he' or venues saying things will be rescheduled on a day another venue that was waiting for a similar date gets fully cancelled just creates a level of uncertainty that will undermine anything ever said to reassure people.
so sad for the philly folks. i'm glad nyc went off saturday without problems. c'mon moz, you've only got a few more dates left on the u.s. tour, you can do it!
I was at the NYC show yesterday with my wife... i got a really bad feeling about Philly. Didn't bought tickets, Now i know that i just save myself some trouble. I hope Whoever got sick a speed recovery. Oh well.
How many f***ing times have you heard this schtick? f***s sake.

I believe most Morrissey fans now know there is a 50/50 shot at a show. Morrissey made it ten straight shows without "issues" and here comes a cancelled/postponed show and the TROLL KING comes out of hiding to make the first post on the article. :rolleyes:

You've answered your own question there FunkyForeskin, YOUR SCHTICK is to appear when something happens that results in a cancellation or postponement.
Would be nice to at least hear something from the man himself when these last minute cancellations happen.
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First folks were in line at 3am.. I got there round 11 and was 27th
Yes that’s right you were #27 so you were never going to make the rail and oh how surprising you were barely in the queue again you useless excuse for a human being.We are on to you!

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