Alternate artwork for 'Low In High School'

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By joe frady on Sep 21, 2017 at 10:54 AM
  1. joe frady

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    Apr 29, 2006
    not Edinburgh, sadly.
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    1. Anonymous
      Spoilt brat should be thankful to his parents. After all, they sent him to school and he learned to write.

      They probably left him in the carpark cos' he didn't listen to them when they told him he was too old to play in a trolley.

      He's a bit thick. Birds hovering ready to eat his eyeballs and he sits still as if nothing's happening.
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    2. ACTON
      I see your point but I'd bet more people would know Elvis than those that know the kid on the cover. Also, do you think Moz is aiming for JustInBeaver's fanbase or the ginger bridgetroll otherwise known as Ned Snearing's fanbase? I doubt it. Many young people love The Smiths so it's a bit unfair to assume Smiths fans are old.
    3. Anonymous
      Spent the Day in a Shopping Trolley.
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    4. Anonymous
      i wouldn't buy this just for being such an ugly strange cover... influenced picking album by their covers since mid 1970's . i usually judge an album partially by it's cover
      the boy is a fine kid, but looks frailge and homeless. i feel bad for the kid in image. and whats up with the pidgeons and shadows? shadow on sign doesn't match angles of other shadows.
      I'm 55....must be over my head. WPINOYB was almost as (sorry kid) cringe worthy
      it's no Physical Graffitti, Sticky Fingers, or Darkside of the Moon obviously, but even ROTT was,
      for me, interesting.
      why am i not "getting it"?

      i can have (but don't want) both
      but will get one
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    5. Anonymous
      I agree but I don't think those young fans know all the singles covers or the people on them the way older fans do. maybe some will know Elvis but it's getting to be a smaller and smaller group and even if some do recognize Elvis he won't mean anything to them. If it's just gonna be a black in white with a high school reference I think there are better pics. I also think the in school pic is as unsubtle as the sign the axe weilding kid is carrying. I don't think the title is a reference to school imo. I was dissapointed in this cover however. That said I do think morrissey and bmg are going for a young audience as well as the usual fans. Maybe not the Justin Bieber crowd but there are still young fans at his shows and talking about him online etc and every kid who reads there first mojo smiths retrospective will go out and google what's he up to and his most current release
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    6. Anonymous
      The sign should say "Clone stamp my pigeons".
    7. joe frady
      joe frady
      Apologies for any...confusion? As some have stated more clearly, this image is slated to be on a 12" bit of square card that people nowadays call an 'art print' that HMV are giving away, exclusively, to the first one thousand online pre-orders of the green vinyl LP. We'll see what November spawns...

      perhaps í should have titled the thread MY Alternate Artwork.

      As for it should've been Elvis etc, yes, that would all look really nice. but he's done that ~ to(o) death.

      Guaranteed, if he had put up another old pic of a dead hero, maybe even with a single pantone wash?, there would be ten pages on here of 'not another bloody Belle and Sebastian rip-off', 'get a new look gramps' and the like...

      í like the signage. Moz has a proud & glorious history of pithy placards, from ~


      to ~


      ...and í like the sentiment. It's strange & witty & rarely said ~ one hears all the time breeders moaning 'my gemima is a right handful'. But the urchins rarely get to say same in return ;)
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    8. Anonymous
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    9. Anonymous
    10. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      the brave march on, though it's a state of mind.

      'and I don't get the new style of "Don't vote, don't watch the news" and so on. It seems strangely impotent to me in all of its directness.'

      I agree with you.

      Around the time of 'Maladjusted' I just assumed the records after that would gradually with him become more... 'mature' meaning less 'punk' and more strings and ballads, though it was quite the reverse for him, and championing younger punk bands through the years. So I guess he finds that the direct approach has more potency for him, and looks like he's gonna hold onto it as long as he could. When I first heard 'Change My Plea..' I was hoping he would move more in that direction, not to say I didn't embrace 'Arsenal' when it arrived.

      ' And I suppose I value lyrics that can be interpreted in many ways above blunt bludgeoning directness.'


      in another thread I said I'd love to see/hear him write lyrics again like 'Hand that rocks the cradle' or even 'Maladjusted', more... open to interpretation and in a longer poetic form. Though I'm glad to hear anything he has to offer, always interesting to me for different reasons.

      Having said that, his songs and whatever he does no matter how direct will be open to interpretation, as one can see just by reading the difference of opinion here on this site.
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    11. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Please, please, don't say that!
      Don't give him that idea.
      He will release it in mono. :(
      Can't you edit it, before he reads it here?
      Or before Sam says to his uncle, I've got a nice idea? :squiffy:
    12. Anonymous

      From Rock N' Roll High School


    13. Anonymous
      don't like either or the other.

      i think Moz should have an old Smiths picture on the cover, with himself outlined and blacked out.

      or... him in a chemistry/lab class looking like something blew up on him.
      or... him in the corner at the front of the class, with a "DUNCE" hat, with the title of the album written on the chalk board, over and over, like in "standards" form.
    14. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Lifted from an old Sony ad?


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    15. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      hosed down in a barn

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    16. Richi San
      Richi San
      Both pictures are crap. I hope the content is better than the cover.
    17. Sidnettle
      I agree with a lot of the people on here; I think the signs are terrible because as text they clash with the title above. It has to be one or the other.
    18. Barabanchic
      I always wondered why morrisseys's artworks had a bad taste ? I 'm a morrissey's fan too but except "Viva Hate", I had never liked a lot his artworks. When we compare to the Smiths...they were masterpieces... and we know that morrissey himself chose them ! sorry I don't like but we have to recognise that for his solo career this is really trouble ... the worst were: Maladjusted, Kill uncle, ringleader, years of refusal (my god !), world peace...
    19. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      The beige strip is fine and I really like the font. The Molina images, however, are just so incongruous they make the project look like it has been done on the cheap.

      If they absolutely had to use this strange child couldn't they have at least washed him? He looks like a tramp, and that was even before they dumped the poor little sod in a shopping trolley. The dog on the cover of World Peace appeared to have better personal hygiene.
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    20. joe frady
      joe frady

      Now, THAT is an album cover :brows:

      By the by, reading the new 'Uncut' magazine, among the releases scheduled for review in next months issue is the new Moz record. They helpfully print the following as the LP cover ~


      ~ presumably culled from here one month ago, where í posted it via theironbridge on ig, as a clearly fan-made effort.

      Who says good journalism is dead...?

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