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Jan 24, 2020 at 9:27 PM
Apr 29, 2006
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joe frady

Vile Refusenik, from not Edinburgh, sadly.

joe frady was last seen:
Jan 24, 2020 at 9:27 PM
    1. Giselle
      Just wanted to say, in addition to posting some amazingly witty posts, I now think you are my hero for scanning the "Bleak Moor Lies" a few years ago. Thinking about the autobiography that may-or may not come out this year had me wanting to re-read it, and most other sites have taken it down by now. Many thanks to you! :thumb:
    2. vivabob
      Hey Joe

      i didnt know you lived in glasgow , did you come along to our last strangeways night ? , are you coming to the next one ?

      small world

    3. nightingale+therose
      Please, post a picture of your Bona Drag signing, Joe,.. just to let all us 'slow folk' leer and dream:p.
      (no i'm not insanely jealous!! Not at all!!! No way, Jose!:()
      You'll get a fortnight worth of TV listings from
      ... so come tomorrow, that should provide you with the final 'possible date' for the Linder stuff.
      Cheers Frady-cat (frady-cat, scaredy-cat, tee hee, genuine Scottish colloquialisms:thumb::thumb: *insert bagpipes icon here*)
    4. nightingale+therose
      Joe - not promising anything, but.... if there are 4 exhibitors for the Frieze (Jess Flood-Paddock, Linder, Elizabeth Price and Stephen Sutcliffe.), then i have 3 potential Linder dates...
      channel 4 Monday 11th October, 23:00, 3 Minute Wonder: Frieze 2010,
      channel 4 Tuesday 12th October, 23:05, 3 Minute Wonder: Frieze 2010,
      channel 4 Wednesday 13th October, 23:15, 3 Minute Wonder: Frieze 2010
    5. nightingale+therose
      Thanks for the update Joe:thumb:... I'll try to catch and record it.
      As for the signed Sunday... i'm still buzzing:guitar:!!!
    6. nightingale+therose
      Hey Joe (tee hee, i laughed when i typed that),
      anyway, back to business... I recall a while back you mentioned a channel 4 programme was being made and broadcast about Linder and the Darktown Cakewalk.... I was just hoping you'd remember when this is being shown???
    7. joe frady
      joe frady
      No, I didn't take any pics, but there seemed to be loads of folk capturing images all over the place, whether officially or unofficially. A photo couldn't really get it anyway. I think I prefer to remember it my way, fuzzy and hazy as it may be. Even now, almost a week on, little moments that I'd forgotten pop up in my head, and I think 'Did I dream that or did I see it?' :)
    8. nightingale+therose
      Thanks for the detailed info on the Linder performance. Did you take any pictures of the event (i know you weren't supposed to, but folk often do). It's great that stuff like this is being premiered in sunny Glasgow - gives us a sense of national pride! tee hee.
      Cheers Joe,
      Warmest wishes
      Wendy x
    9. Kewpie

      congratulations! :)
    10. Mclenarr
      I'm going to nick your idea for location, sorry!
    11. sistasheila
      sistasheila you got your troxy tixs...can I enquire if you got them from seeticket?
      ..i have bought my troxytixs from a tout and he got it from seetickets..they claim to only sent the tixs out shortly before the concert and i got them from him already yesterday..which make me suspicious if they are fake...
    12. sistasheila
      do you have any idea of copy dvds (with nero) i have to put the orginal data from the dvd on the computer (i onyl have one tray so i have to put the orginal in get the data onto the computer (.how to I copy it from the :d onto desktop ? then put it out tand take the empty dic and put it in..the q is i have to save the data somewhere to burn i guess i have to made a image data-on the desktop? thnks for help
    13. EPbabe
      I replied to you on the SexualSong thread. ;) Take care.
    14. EPbabe
      Well, some of the Glaswegians on here might disagree with you. :D
    15. EPbabe
      Where, if not in Edinburgh, if I may ask? :)
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