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  1. M

    Johnny Marr on cover of tomorrow's NME...
  2. Uncleskinny

    Johnny Marr draws a picture

    As does Pete Doherty, Ricky Wilson, and a host of others. The Guardian gave them all the same kit, and asked them to draw something. Peter
  3. sistasheila

    2 recent Johnny Marr articles...

    found this in clash mag and in nme(5th july 08 )he names his fave records,books and films: Ive wished ive made RAW POWER by thre stooges " i bought it from a record shop in manchester before i used to stick up the sleeves up my jumper and nick them. my mates were into iggy . i started to...
  4. timelessmelody

    Johnny Marr - Guitar Article (Guardian, May 10)

    A dull article, but anyhow..,,2277963,00.html
  5. Practising Troublemaker

    New Marr Interview on YouTube

    I haven't seen it before so here you go... Love PTxx.
  6. jdbabz

    Johnny Marr Compilation/Playlist/Influences

    Morrissey has provided us with a good few playlists. Last night during his bbc radio interview Johnny mentioned some of his favourite songs artists- Paul Davidson- Midnight Rider Emily Haines The Cribs Can anybody think of any other songs Johnny might put on a compilation?
  7. T

    Johnny Marr frink thread

    In my humblest opinion, johnny is very good-looking, so why don't we do a frink thread with his pictures? (*I don't think it has been done yet*) I'll start with this one, which has been posted in Morrissey frink.
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