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  1. gonzax

    Johnny Marr - Please please please let me get what I want (Dermot O'Leary show, BBC R

    Here it is for you, edited without the radio intro. I hope you like it. Johnny Marr - Please please please let me get what I want (Dermot O'Leary show, BBC Radio 2 1 Dec. 2012)
  2. C

    [thread title deleted by request of original poster]

    [link removed]
  3. conchrisoulis

    Man Made (Nile Marr) live @ Green Door Store, Brighton (24 Jan 2012)

    As reported/upoaded on my blog BrightONOFF : On the 24th January 2012 The Gaa Gaas, Man Made and Howler performed live at the Green Door Store in Brighton, UK. Having already seen the great Gaa Gaas and Howler, and being a tremendously huge fan of The Smiths, I was eager to see Johnny...
  4. G

    A sweet senior citizen ode to Johnny Marr

    It's been awhile since any Cover Me Badd acts (Blasphemous Guitars, Fauxasis, etc) stepped into Morrisseyland. But this weekend in San Diego, the elderly Geezer played with a rock & roll outfit called The Sweet & Tender Hooligans. Besides doing most of our set in bad Spanish, we offered up a...
  5. Irregular Regular

    New songwriting partner for Moz?

    I came across this guy's music on youtube this morning, played 2 of his songs and thought he was fantastic. Perhaps Moz should give him a call...
  6. D

    Johnny Marr "keep on Keepin on by NF Porter is very good also I think"

  7. E

    Why Morrissey is dead to me

    Thought you might be interestedin seeing this...
  8. N

    Marr news

    I think there needs to be some consensus on where news/updates/threads relating to Johnny Marr goes. My opinion - I was perfectly happy to have all Marr news on the main general discussion page. It seems wrong to me to lump him into the "other music" thread with the Spice Girls. For the...
  9. Ben Chill

    J.Marr / Mani / Edwyn Collins

    Marr (Smiths) Mani (Stone Roses, Primal Scream) Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice) The above are talking about working together..Edwyn's idea. Might be interesting.
  10. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan

    Johnny Marr in L.A.! 5/16/09

    Johnny Marr Fans, Today I was driving on La Cienega in L.A. and on the corner at 3rd street across from the Beverly Center waiting to cross the street I saw a guy that looked just like Johnny Marr. I got closer and reallized "Holy sh*t! That really IS Johnny Marr!" So I pulled over to the...
  11. TOBIN

    morrissey and marr's opinions on each others music

    Hi,this has probably been asked on here before but has morrissey ever commented on any of johnny marr`s solo work and collabirations with other bands and vice versa marr on any of morrisseys solo music, always wondered if they liked each others music..steve..
  12. dicartwright

    In search of Johnny's songs

    Could anyone please upload some Johnny Marr tunes for me? I'm looking for Johnny on VOCALS. MP3 or similar, something easy. What I already have is: Don't think twice it's alright (live and in studio) Down on the corner Something to shout about The last ride You are the magic and in...
  13. M

    Johnny Marr on new Neil Finn album

    From The Australian, 17/11/08: CROWDED House frontman Neil Finn is donating all profits from his next album to Oxfam. New Zealander Finn is assembling an all-star cast, including members of Radiohead, Modest Mouse and Wilco, to complete the album at his recording studio in Auckland over...
  14. mozsupportsrovers

    Johnny Marr at Salford Uni

    Any one going to this, as its open to the public. Im lucky enough to be going as im at the Uni. If there is a question and answers, wat shud i ask for the good of moz-solo!!!
  15. M

    Johnny Marr on cover of tomorrow's NME...
  16. Uncleskinny

    Johnny Marr draws a picture

    As does Pete Doherty, Ricky Wilson, and a host of others. The Guardian gave them all the same kit, and asked them to draw something. Peter
  17. sistasheila

    2 recent Johnny Marr articles...

    found this in clash mag and in nme(5th july 08 )he names his fave records,books and films: Ive wished ive made RAW POWER by thre stooges " i bought it from a record shop in manchester before i used to stick up the sleeves up my jumper and nick them. my mates were into iggy . i started to...
  18. timelessmelody

    Johnny Marr - Guitar Article (Guardian, May 10)

    A dull article, but anyhow..,,2277963,00.html
  19. Practising Troublemaker

    New Marr Interview on YouTube

    I haven't seen it before so here you go... Love PTxx.
  20. jdbabz

    Johnny Marr Compilation/Playlist/Influences

    Morrissey has provided us with a good few playlists. Last night during his bbc radio interview Johnny mentioned some of his favourite songs artists- Paul Davidson- Midnight Rider Emily Haines The Cribs Can anybody think of any other songs Johnny might put on a compilation?
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