NME: "Johnny Marr on penning the ‘No Time To Die’ soundtrack: I’m making a lot of nasty, nasty noises (October 1, 2021)


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correct ABYSMAL caterwauling, sounds like a bunch of cats falling in a frog pond:mad:
NO SHAME, :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft:
hes getting invisible 15 yr old fans:lbf:
FFS what a pompous twat, 'i listen to billie eilish in the tour bus' what tour bus?:lbf:
a disgrace:hammer:


Haha, jealous much? Moz would jump at the chance to work with Billie and FINNEAS!

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"tour bus"

hes reduced to playing third fiddle to 18 yr old:poop:
can he go any lower?
who next? the chipmunks?


Chilling in Cheshire.
Daniel Craig's final film as James Bond has notched up the highest opening weekend UK takings of any 007 movie.
Craig's fifth and final film as Bond made £21m between Friday and Sunday, according to Screen International.
That beat Skyfall's opening takings of £20.2m and Spectre's £20m. Those films sit at numbers two and three in the all-time UK box office chart.



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Will be seeing this on Saturday. While Sean Connery is definitely iconic in a way the latter Bonds can't match, Craig is clearly perhaps the best of them. For me Skyfall is the best Bond ever -- with that they finally started to hire quality directors instead of professional but mediocre veterans.
johnny marr
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