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  1. M

    Marion live return

    Jaime Harding has assembled a band and is currently touring the UK. MARION, of course, supported Morrissey back in 95...and worked with Johnny Marr on their second album.
  2. The Sense Of Doubt

    Manchester Music History Print (Ltd. to 500) ft. The Smiths, Morrissey & more

    Manchester Music History Print (Ltd. to 500) The first exhaustive investigation of Manchester Music History as wall art designed by The Sense of Doubt. After the success of Morrissey's musical influences print, the Manchester Music History print maps out the full musical history of The Smiths'...
  3. kleinhond

    When Morrissey met Marr: the story of The Smiths' formation -

    Hello lovely forum readers, I'm Steve, the author of the BowieStyle book. As an aside I was the person who unearthed the charming pic of Moz and Bowie at Maine Road 1990 (following a tip off from Linder Sterling as it happens.), which was used for the first time in BowieStyle. I'm actually...
  4. conchrisoulis

    "Tales of The Smiths" graphic novel biography by Con Chrisoulis is released (Mar. 22, 2018)

    Just a heads up to the community that I have finally received my 450-page behemoth early copy of TALES OF THE SMITHS - which is now available for pre-order: My graphic novel biography of The Smiths, TALES OF THE SMITHS, which was created and serialised online daily...
  5. M

    Marr, 8th Oct 2015: "It's a shame The Smiths aren't on better terms (with each other)"

    Johnny Marr was interviewed on Granada Reports (North West England news program) about his current tour and new live album. Johnny Marr: I only get nerves in Manchester - ITV News He’s asked, of course, about reforming The Smiths. To the reporter's credit, he gives it more of a spin by asking...
  6. M

    Johnny Marr Autographed 1987 Australian 12" Vinyl 'ASK'

    Hey, everyone. Long time Smiths/Morrissey/Marr fan here. I recently had the good fortune of meeting Johnny on his US tour. We talked a while and I had him sign a couple albums for me. I'm not a fan of selling off pieces of my collection (in fact this would be the first item I've sold), but...
  7. Thomas__Dunn

    It's a bit peculiar, but what is your favourite non-single, non-B side Smiths track?

    I've been curious as to what people's favourite 'album-exclusive' Smiths song is (a one that didn't appear as a single or B side.) Mine is Reel Around The Fountain. Here's a list of the songs, no doubt I've made a mistake so if so please correct me: Reel Around The Fountain You've Got...
  8. T

    Has anyone figured out the strum pattern for 'Bigmouth Strikes Again'?

    Does anyone here know the strum pattern for 'Bigmouth Strikes Again' ? Thanks so much.
  9. Cliff Gloom

    Manchester Night at Islington Academy - Sat 8th June

    Oh Manchester, you have a lot to answer for! The Stone Roses are in London this weekend, so we're throwing our very own Manchester special at Old School Indie, which means it's a great excuse to play tons of The Smiths & Morrissey (as if we needed an excuse, but there you go). We'll also be...
  10. Raised To Wait

    Wanted: 1 Johnny Marr Ticket for Dublin (Weds 27th March)

    Short notice I know, but I'd be really greatful if anyone can help out with a spare for this... PM me if you have one going a-begging. Thanks
  11. J

    Article: Johnny Marr on why Morrissey might be ‘selling the both of us short’; to collect "Godlike G

    An interview I noticed today, in which, "Johnny Marr discusses his time with Paul McCartney, how he has adapted to being a frontman, and why Morrissey might be ‘selling the both of us short’." Thought someone, somewhere, might be interested. Johnny Marr: "The Messenger" Interview Excerpt...
  12. gonzax

    Johnny Marr - Please please please let me get what I want (Dermot O'Leary show, BBC R

    Here it is for you, edited without the radio intro. I hope you like it. Johnny Marr - Please please please let me get what I want (Dermot O'Leary show, BBC Radio 2 1 Dec. 2012)
  13. C

    [thread title deleted by request of original poster]

    [link removed]
  14. conchrisoulis

    Man Made (Nile Marr) live @ Green Door Store, Brighton (24 Jan 2012)

    As reported/upoaded on my blog BrightONOFF : On the 24th January 2012 The Gaa Gaas, Man Made and Howler performed live at the Green Door Store in Brighton, UK. Having already seen the great Gaa Gaas and Howler, and being a tremendously huge fan of The Smiths, I was eager to see Johnny...
  15. G

    A sweet senior citizen ode to Johnny Marr

    It's been awhile since any Cover Me Badd acts (Blasphemous Guitars, Fauxasis, etc) stepped into Morrisseyland. But this weekend in San Diego, the elderly Geezer played with a rock & roll outfit called The Sweet & Tender Hooligans. Besides doing most of our set in bad Spanish, we offered up a...
  16. Irregular Regular

    New songwriting partner for Moz?

    I came across this guy's music on youtube this morning, played 2 of his songs and thought he was fantastic. Perhaps Moz should give him a call...
  17. D

    Johnny Marr "keep on Keepin on by NF Porter is very good also I think"

  18. E

    Why Morrissey is dead to me

    Thought you might be interestedin seeing this...
  19. N

    Marr news

    I think there needs to be some consensus on where news/updates/threads relating to Johnny Marr goes. My opinion - I was perfectly happy to have all Marr news on the main general discussion page. It seems wrong to me to lump him into the "other music" thread with the Spice Girls. For the...
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