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  • haha,i am nothing special. yeah the veganism and degrees are beforehand but when you have to go through a couple months of chemo and deal with shit like that you tend to have more will power and drive, two things i had lacked for most of my adult life.

    you are cooler anyways, you have an accent.i have one but it is the dreaded boston accent.:)
    haha woah.well as a young man i went to one too many concerts and shows so i have ear damage,i have a slight ringing in my ears so if its quiet,i hear a ringing in my ears, and if i listen to music i wont fall asleep as i will be listening to it, i need something just off in the background.i have two art degrees and want to further them so maybe one day i could be an art teacher.i have a workdshop/barn so i just took a corner of it and added a couple walls and blah blah now i have a dark room.
    i do not work that often, i do some illustration/graphic design work from time to time and i will go and pick up jobs painting houses, you do not get paid often but they are big paydays.
    haah ask away! i am an open book, well i was off and on, for some reason my cable t.v. went out for a couple hours and i need to sleep with the t.v on so that did not help, so i was off and on the internet till late as i was wide awake and bored
    yeah you mentioned 6 am, you are a martyr, you really are.
    im trying to wake up! i took and a shower and want to go grocery shopping,its one of those kind of days.
    i do not know why! i tried and i tried and normally i fall asleep so easily.
    young man? do you know my age? :p
    how is work, are you working or am i just assuming poorly?:D
    NRITH and flax were banned! i may take a new picture of my good looking self and use that, i dont know. i kinda like the evil avatar.
    ahah , why should i?:p
    there is a lot of drama today on solo,bans, no fun! i think people should only be banned if they are out and out to get people like if i harassed you on a daily basis.

    how are you applesauce?
    It was brilliant. The best live band I have ever seen. They played all the old favourites and when they did Wonderwall there were 12 thousand people all singing it! The new songs they did from the new album sounded great as well, they did about five new ones. They played for 2 hours and did a three song encore. Moz has the special place in my heart but this came a very very close second!
    Mus xxxx
    Not so bad :) I've gotten the hang of the till...it's just dreadfully boring. When I went in last Sunday, we had 10 customers all day. We've started moving stock around randomly just to relieve the boredom! But it's money, and that's what I need, so I'll stick with it until Uni :o

    How are you?
    I know, it's frustrating for you non-horticultural people...:) There is actually something serene about working out-doors and feeling the fresh air on your face, the smell of the soil and the chirping birds.

    And the Builder's Banter...:) laugh? I never started..:)
    he has been quiet.
    have a good night,i feel a little tired myself,i may take a nap and oh:
    !I knew this but thought you would rather have a nice explanation)

    (Commonly considered to be a corrupt pronunciation of the word English, or of the French word Anglais, by the native Indians of America. According to Thierry, a corruption of Jankin, a diminutive of John, and a nickname given to the English colonists of Connecticut by the Dutch settlers of New York. Dr. W. Gordon (Hist. of the Amer. War, ed, 1789,) says it was a favorite cant word in Cambridge, Mass., as early as 1713, and that it meant {excellent;} as, a yankee good horse, yankee good cider, etc. Cf. Scot yankie a sharp, clever, and rather bold woman, and Prov. E. bow-yankees a kind of leggins worn by agricultural laborers.) A nickname for a native of citizen of New England, especially one descended from old New England {stock;} by extension, an inhabitant of the Northern States as distinguished from a {Southerner;} also, applied sometimes by foreigners to any inhabitant of the United States
    It was in a Garden creating a border as us in the know tend to call it..:)

    I was really pleased. I am really sad...:)
    one of these days i shall intoxicate myself and venture into that den of debauchery.
    that is exciting.
    watch out for americans.haha
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