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  • I don't have that impression, don't worry - life can just be shite at times. And i hope i haven't confused you with my medical mumbo-jumbo..:)

    I was suppose to have one tomorrow, but it's been put back, AGAIN! Something about needing to sort out budgets. It was supposed to be for Support Work which i did before, but the chances are it wouldn't be full-time or anything. But i've been working with a mate all week and i built a wall.

    And yes, i am proud of myself..:)
    The moderation thing is their latest wheeze for moderators to justify their existence..:) No sorry, to stop us being abused by horrible people. There's a link on one of the threads to vote to get rid of it, so if you're over there - vote to get this abolished.

    Well, these things are never easy, and if that last line isn't the most obvious statement you've ever heard in your life then you've been living in a cave..lol! No worries, but i tend to notice when people who's posts i enjoy are not around, i am just a lovely person..:)

    No excitement to report. I was supposed to have an interview on Thursday that didn't happen - but it's on for next week. And questions like that are out of order young lady, because i have just spent the last 5 minutes contemplating the utter futility of my existence...:)
    I am doing alright. I was just thinking about you today and how you haven't been around for a while.

    How are things with you? No back-flips i imagine, but better?..:)

    It went alright I suppose, hardly any customers so it was a bit dull, and the shop has an antiquated manual till that I haven't learned to use properly yet. I had to bring in my college timetable so they could arrange suitable overtime hours, and they seem to have put it down as part of my normal rota - so unless I tell them I can't work those days, I'm doing 18 hrs a week on top of my A-Levels :(

    Could have been wrose though. I haven't smashed any porcelain yet :p
    I think everyone has a fascination with them. Can anyone ignore them these days? It would be nice to have the option..:)

    I would say mine was bad with the occasional bump with Goodness..:) Naturally i was just asking in general terms about how life was treating you, you rightly didn't answer, but kinda did by admitting to your gigantic ego..:) I won't even ask for details, except for medical purposes because it's hard to diagnose anything with vague terms..:)
    ..:) That's why we spend half our lives on computers. I wonder if anyone on these things is remotely normal..:) I know i'm not!

    How is life treating you these days?
    I haven't been working for a couple of months and my sleep has gone a bit haywire, i just need to work it round again. It's quite inexplicable at times though, there's no reason NOT to sleep and you feel tired but it doesn't happen.

    Red Wine really knocks you out the next day - i've never had worst hangovers than Red wine ones. I can't really go crazy with drink, my body gets to a certain point where i can takes no more.:) I get pissed instantly and don't really like it much after that. alcohol is a tool like any drug and it's fine if you use it properly.

    I am off to bed now. I hope you manage to sleep yourself and i hope life is good for you.

    Nighty night.
    Very good..:) does it give you an allergic reaction or something? It's a heavy hangover so continue to avoid it.

    I actually woke up in time, but i'd only slept for 2 hours and it just wasn't happening. I need a kick up the arse or something. it's a traditional form of therapy..:)
    I think volume is a big factor in hangovers - spirits are a good idea and White Wine too. I got into red wine but found the hangovers to be the worst, a nightmare in fact. I've never had a pig actually shit on my head, but in a bizarre way you seem to have summed up the whole experience.

    I am okay, but had an appointment with the doctor but slept in and missed it..:( Oops..:)
    Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one longing to boot the Phelps' family in the teeth, metaphorically or otherwise. Everyone should be a fag enabler xD
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