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  • Sometimes it's hard to compare an authors work when you've read the best first. It would be a good time to revisit them and see if you can get something out of them without On The Road being so prevelant in your mind.

    I like Howard Marks, but i haven't read his book. A ex dope smuggler i understand and he comes across as a really nice guy. His biography would be worth a read.

    Good to see you have a decent amount of time off and hopefully you can enjoy the time off you have.

    have a great Christmas and take care of yourself..:)
    well, this is tooo cute..thank you very much..it was sooo beautiful..especially the first one..pure beauty..richie is such a hot guy..phoawwww....i have to keep myself together..quite hard:eek:

    well..how are you doing?..do you have holidays, yet?..
    i will..on tuesday..just two days..and then 17 days freetime..to chill..lean back..and get more moz tix..they're not sold out that quick..which really surprise me..bad for moz..but good for me..that's just the way it goes, right:rolleyes:

    how about you..do you also have some tix, yet?
    i hope so!!!!!:eek:

    lovley greets from rainy cologne miry in a double coma!!:D
    Oh, goodness no! I have enough critters running around my house as it is! :eek:

    I am dog sitting a grown one this weekend, though. :D

    How have you been?
    I have a litany of books i'd like to read and i saw it in a charity shop. It's really good and i am glad to have finally gotten round to read it. It must be strange enjoying one of his books so much but not liking the others that much - maybe it was his peak and he should have done a Salinger..:)

    I hope you are doing well. Will you have time off during ther festive season?
    I am doing well. I feel quite happy these days, having your own space does that..:)

    I am reading On The Road by Jack Karouac and it's pretty good. I also have a Moz book, passions and scandals, which just makes you crave for Morrissey's version of events. Still it's a Morrissey book, so it's captivating enough.

    How is your life my dear?
    Well, nothing has changed and i am trying to stay calm about it all. It'll resolve itself soon enough. I try not to worry about it, but it's kinda hard not too.

    at the moment? Probably Be My Baby by The Ronettes..:)
    Yes, but it will be a B&B for now..:) They don't know what's about to hit them. Morrissey played in a B&B, very fitting...:)

    It'll be temporary though...I hope...:)
    Hey you...:)

    I am going to be away for a while, or not on as often.

    Whatever happens keep in touch, a bit dramatic..:), But if your around then give me the occasional message to know you're okay and stuff.
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