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  • Hi,
    You should have gone, it was excellent. Their voices held up well. Noel's voice comes across better but the songs he sang they did more as acoustic versions. He did Don't Look Back in Anger virtually as a solo, just him singing and playing the guitar. It was brilliant, but Liam's presence is just great. He is such a cocky swaggering sod, but that's just him. I love it to bits!!! Will have to check out the summer dates, must go again.
    Mus xxx
    Thanks for the info.
    2 hours. Wowzer. How did the voices stand up to that? (Both Liam's and Noel's). I was going to go to Wembley tonight but I'm too tired to go. I don't have a ticket either though. The dates for next summer look promising.
    mus did you get my email regarding manc if its defo off i can cacel that night off cheers
    Hi Charlie,
    No not a teacher, I work in admin. I was a classroom assistant in a comprehensive, but I had to leave, the teenagers wound me up till I almost threatened a pupil, so I realised it was time to go!!!
    Musley xx
    Yes we can be friends. I haven't been on the forums for a bit, I have been on my computer far too much lately and have had RSI in my wrist. I stayed off them because I just cannot read them without replying, so it was best I didn't read them in the first place. I have missed everyone thought!
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