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  • I do, but not very often. Though you'd probably worked that out for yourself..:) How are you doing after all this time? I got an xbox recently so i have been experiencing various pains relating to repetative strain injuries, though no one believe's me..:) That's about the most exciting thing thats happened to me. Now you know why i never post anything anymore..:)

    I hope this message finds you well? x
    Edinburgh is treating me pretty well. It's a bit mad because of the festival, and i rarely have the money to see any shows, but i am trying to work on my hatred for this time of year in this city..:) I suppose when you've lived here a long time these things become less exciting. I bought tickets to see the Manic Street Preachers in October so i can't wait for that.

    I am not on here much these days and can't really access this place via my mobile. But one day if you're not bored you could email me at - [email protected]

    I hope this message finds you well and happy? I'll settle for content though...:)

    Yrs, Ally...xxx
    Man i have been off this thing for so long. I finally moved into a house in Edinburgh so i am more settled than i was.

    I hope life is treating you well, and after all this time that you are still around?

    Yrs, Ally...:)
    Hi its LUVM, thanks for asking about me, I've been doing some low level loitering, and here I am. :)
    Great to hear from you after all this time...:) I think i just saw you before you sneaked off the last time i was on...lol!

    Well, i would tell all if there was something to tell. and BTW i always appreciate a light-threat when being communicated with. That 'I MEAN IT', looked powerful. You'd make a good dominatrix....:) Nothing much has been happening really, just the same old life. I go out on saturdays now which is a plus i suppose.

    I hope life is treating you well? Stirling is lovely and i am glad you enjoyed it. I decided to miss Moz on this tour which was a shocking decision in hindsight, and even now.

    Which other gigs are you going to?

    I hope life is treating you well?

    Depends which stuff you're talking about? I don't consider myself a socialist or a Marxist. There's a couple of things organised by them I'll probably be going on, though. The Gaza demo next Saturday and the anti-police brutality thing on the 23rd (which is technically a coalition of different groups, forming the United Campaign Against Police Violence, but they are mainly socialist/Marxist people). Anything else you were thinking of that I've missed?
    I'm doing fine, trying to survive the economic downturn. Do you know of any vacancies for a back scrubber? Oh never mind. :) Hope you are well.
    underwriter type position for a bank. nothing too fancy just something to occupy me and pay the bills for a while haha.
    i'm okay...searching for a job and applying to a new school. life is very hectic but at the same time very dull. how are ya?
    Oh you tagged me with dicktation and I didn't even see. So I'll give you Jonah's other tag...

    Lick my ballz
    no, not really...i don't get home in time @ the moment, i think i'll be able to catch the end of this series. yes, i saw some clips on youtube, hopefully it turn up on bbc2. We don't have a digetal box at home.
    sorry, you couldn't reply on the visitors messages...i'll have to add you on my buddy list.

    I saw the second part...it seems the action and gory is taking over the satirical nature of the series.
    zelda, was it you...a couple of months ago talking about charlie brooker and that 'Deadset' program?

    I finally saw the 1st episode last night on ch 4. it was alright. Kind of what i was expecting.
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