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  • It's on every night on BBC Three. But League of gentleman and Mock the Week are on Dave later...:)

    Good that you've got a day off though. Not too shabby..:)
    Good to hear.

    I just put Family Guy on on BBC three, don't know if you watch that? Alan Partridge is on, on Dave at 11:40pm/ But you may not have freeview and just hate me at this point..:)
    I never knew it had that kind of connection..:) I read it in a Brian Keenan book and thought it would be amusing..:)

    Just one or two, but i am not that close to other houses really so it isn't too bad. And most of the peeps around here are too crusty to have a good bang in any respect..:) Uncalled for..:)

    Sounds a bit strange to be so angry at a perceived lack of manners. Even if it was true, why would you make a fuss about it? She was probably a few comments away from being a psycho, so it was best to just leave it..:)

    I am doing okay. It's got warm all of a sudden. But i am fine..:)
    Is it really?..:) I know what it means in English. I was wondering where the freemason accusation came from. I thought, "How does she know?"..:)

    You were a few handshakes away from your own demise...lol!

    How are you this weather?
    Not that i know of, but it's a highly secretive organisation so i may not know myself..:)

    Not funny..:)
    So you didn't watch it in the end? Isn't the opening credits a bit soon to decide? You're FAR worse than me...:)

    The first one was brilliant..:)
    it sounds like a great idea. I saw the first one, but i readily confess to being about 10 years behind the rest of humanity. I thought that first one was a great film, playing on your fears, very good. Let me know what it's like, 'cause i'd be interested in seeing it, on the back of a decent recommendation of course. And i trust you..:)

    Glad to hear that you are well. Lets hope it lasts a while..:)
    Hey. I am well..:) I am off tomorrow, so i am pleased about that. Though, i accept that it's not much to be pleased about..:)

    How are you doing?
    You terrible person, focusing in on my typo..:) I was tired when i wrote it..:)

    I am glad to hear that you are well and i am very busy but glad to get a lie in tomorrow. Which is the least i deserve.

    I hope you are still well when you pop back in next to the Forum..:)
    Maybe it could be a catchphrase..:)

    How is life treating you? I am just off to be and i hope that you are doing well?..:)
    Bob?....:) Never been called that before. An explanation would be nice..lol!

    How is your life these days?
    than ya greatly.consider yourself thanked, and i will have to contemplate a return in dedication.i don't just give them out, ya know.:D
    i did , a few years back,i loved it there,i would not mind living there, but again,i am a coward, as that would be a big move!
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